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Dead Dads Club #1

Dead Dads Club #1

by Katherine Leung

5.5"x8.5", 44p, full color, stapled


Dead Dads Club is a collaborative visual arts and literature zine that showcases the work of artists and writers that have experienced the loss of a father or father-figure. We honor the nuanced experiences and showcase them in a volunteer-run juried-submission print and online zine. The mission is to use this platform to uplift artists/writers and their work as well as foster a space for grieving and unanswered questions caused by the loss of a father or father-figure. Edited by Katherine Leung, created in memory of her dad who passed away in 2012. 


Vol 1 includes work by:

David Wyatt Austin, USA

Meadhbh Hayden Galway, Ireland

Megan Tresca Providence, USA

Rachel Lowes Welwyn Garden City, England

Seren Kalila Middletown, USA

Elaine Hullihen Cleveland, USA

Orla Clancy Ballingarry, Ireland

Pit Kinzer Markt Rettenbach, Germany

Rainey Philadelphia, USA

Ruth A. Keitz Los Fresnos, USA

Emi Night Philadelphia, USA

Katherine Holmes Chicago, USA