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GenderFail Reader 2

GenderFail Reader 2

by Noah LeBien and Be Oakley

Published by GenderFail

5"x8", 109p, b+w, perfect-bound, soft cover


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As per the publisher:


Over March and the beginning of April, GenderFail worked on a series of new essays complied them into a 2nd GenderFail Reader. GenderFail Reader 2 is a compilation of four brand new essays written during this pandemic including Small Publishing and Finding Ways to Live, A Touch that You Can Really Feel, Collective Self Isolations: Resistance in the Care of Others and the Violence of Naming.


This reader also includes three new poems, Being an Instrument, Douche and Making Friends at 30, by my partner Noah LeBien, who as become such an important collaborator through my work with GenderFail. Noah also expanded their essay, Betraying Authority: Notes on Queer Art that was previously published as a zine.


In the essay Small Publishing and Finding Ways to Live, GenderFail included their 2019 spread sheet of every dollar they made that year. “In releasing my 2019 income I’m trying to give total transparency as to how I make my money, and I hope some find this useful in navigating the complicated ways artists, and in my case independent publishers, sustain themselves. I believe that forms of radical transparency can be an important catalyst in inciting change. I also call on other artists, designers, writers and creatives to be transparent about how and where they make their money. As a working class artist without a regular paycheck, I cherish every dollar I make from my work with GenderFail. Every time I get an order or sell an object I feel truly grateful and do not take it for granted. I want to make money off my work, I want other artists I work with to make money from the books I publish with them, I want people to be paid for their labor in the arts.”