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Alternative Incite #1

Alternative Incite #1

by Joe3 and Butter Lamb

Published by Butter Lamb Press

8.5"x7", 40p, b+w, stapled


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Alternative Incite encourages readers to give in to their creative impulses and exercise their right to be bizarre, different, and/or peculiar in the interest of personal satisfaction and the greater good. Issue #1 features an introductory rant about getting off your ass and doing the thing, hot takes on important articles you probably haven't read, an op-ed about "getting off the hamster wheel," an examination of the "new normal" (whatever that is), adventures in anachronism (aka: life off-line), an interview with musician Suvo Sur (who produces scores for award-winning films and podcasts), advice and insight from the Butter Lamb Reference Library, and a remembrance of and shout out to the "Doyenne of Dictionaries."