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Sonic Meditations

Sonic Meditations

by Brett Bloom and Ten Deep Listeners

Published by Half Letter Press

5.5"x8.5", 32p, 3 color riso


As per the publisher: This is a tribute to Pauline Oliveros, musician, pioneer, freethinker, teacher and a source of inspiration for so many, who passed away unexpectedly, at the end of 2016. In January of that year, we, a group of eleven students from different places around the world, started a Deep Listening Certification class, led by Pauline Oliveros, IONE, Heloise Gold, Monique Buzzarté, Tom Bickley and Norman Lowrey. It was known as the HIP MounTainN class, after the names of our mentors. Our background is diverse, but we share a collective inspiration: “Our goal is to facilitate creativity in ourselves and others and to cultivate the ability to guide others through listening”. We met online in hangout meetings, twice a month and in the meantime everyone explored the three fundamental elements of Deep Listening: Listening/Sounding, Dreaming and Moving. Half-way through the year, each one of us started our own local Deep Listening study group, to gain experience to work with these elements. At the end of the course we had to present our ‘masterpiece’, a self-composed Sonic Meditation that covers listening/sounding, dreaming and moving. In this tribute to Pauline we share our compositions with you.


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