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Nobody Left

Nobody Left

by Mr. Fish

350p, color and b+w, 7"x9.5", perfect bound


The renowned political satirist asks the burning question: Is there a Left left?

The author, known for his savage political cartoons, interviews some of the leading artists, architects, observers and participants of the late twentieth century's counterculture and New Left movements in search of answers.  

Interview subjects included in the book: Mort Sahl, Graham Nash, Joan Baez, Wavy Gravy, Lewis Lapham, Paul Krassner, Tariq Ali, Lily Tomlin, Calvin Trillin, Christopher Hitchens, Robert Scheer, Dennis Kucinich.  Others that are also included and written about: Norman Mailer, Howard Zinn, Abbie Hoffman, Jon Stewart, Lenny Bruce.

The conversations, which are generously illustrated, will blow your mind.


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