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Wallop: A Novel

Wallop: A Novel

by Nathaniel Kennon Perkins

Published by House of Vlad

5"x8", 124p, perfect bound, soft cover


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The last time Lauren had gone to the Psychic Institute, she paid sixty bucks and was told she was a reincarnated mermaid from another planet. How stupid would a hitchhiking, pool-shooting landscaper have to be to impregnate a former alien mermaid? How idiotic would he have to be to sleep in cornfields, hitchhike with white supremacists, and consume a pillowcase full of mushrooms just to figure it out? Wallop is a budget crust-punk epic, an oogle ode set in the house parties and open roads of wasteland America, a manifesto for the crusty dirt bag who’s just trying to get something, anything, back on track.


“For anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to hitchhike through Kansas, sleep in a cornfield, or join the underground Missouri punk scene, Wallop is a thrilling read. Self-critical while never self-indulgent, Perkins has crafted a smart and refreshing twist on a familiar genre. Through witty prose and wry humor, he achieves a delicate balance of nihilism and hope, resulting in an ultimately moving perspective of one man struggling to find meaning in contemporary life.” -ISA MAZZEI, author of Camgirl