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Xuwwuu: A Furvert Fairytale

Xuwwuu: A Furvert Fairytale

by Gabriel Delmas

Published by Hollow Press

9.25"x6.25", 28p, full color offset printing on 200g TINTORETTO paper, stapled


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The Nightmare Of Reason Produces Funny Monsters


Extract of an interview by Michele Nitri about Xuwwuu.


Michele Nitri: So, let’s go deeply in XUWWUU. I love the contrast between the black metal title font and the beautiful woman, or should I say the female. The whole comic seems to have this contrast between her very innocent appearance and the many monstrous creatures. Why this contrast?”


Gabriel Delmas: I always have this contrast in my works, because it is in me. I must express dark feelings, but I also laugh at myself, because I know how ridiculous I am, as a human. So my work is always dark and at the same time ironical. You know, it’s like this painting of Goya (Saturn): it’s like a child nightmare. It is horrible and funny at the same time. We will all die, it is sad. But at the universe scale, it doesn’t matter. Life is absurd, meaningless. We cry and laugh. We are both great and ridiculous, beautiful and ugly, clever and stupid. And there is no help, no way out, no gods, nothing except this funny vision of death devouring us. We can’t escape. We can’t forget this sexual obsession that kills us. We live for that. We are like slaves. We organize everything to survive through our children. This is so funny. We are funny. This is so beautiful and ridiculous. I can’t chose only one way. I must express this contradiction.