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 Artist   Description   Recording   Links 
 Rebecca Brown   Rebecca Brown reads from her novel The Terrible Girls   Real Audio    
 Al Burian   Al reads from his zine Burn Collector   Real Audio    
 Matt Cordell   Matt Cordell Reads his story I Hope You Get Butt Fucked By Sol Lewitt   Real Audio    
 Stephanie Costello   Stephanie reads from Greg Gillam's book Yes Pants   Real Audio    
 Matt Fagan   Matt Fagan reads from his zine Meniscus   Real Audio    
 Amy Fussleman   Amy Fussleman reads from her novel The Pharmicist's Mate   Real Audio    
Greg Gillam  Stephanie reads from Greg Gillam's book Yes Pants   Real Audio  fengi.com 
Ed Gray  Ed comes out of hiding to play us some songs   Real Audio    
Shelly Jackson  Ms. Jackson favors the crowd with a song, then reads from her debut novel, The Melancholy of Anatomy   Real Audio   
Chip Kidd  The master designer and first-time novelist comes reads from his book The Cheese Monkeys  Real Audio    
Harmon Leon  Harmon Leon reads from his collection, The Harmon Chronicles   Real Audio   
Kelly Link  Ms Link reads the fantastic "The Specialist's Hat" from her short story collection Stranger Things Happen  Real Audio    
Liz Mason  Quimby's very own Liz reads a story titled "Starbucks Tastes Like Ass" from her zine Cul-de-Sac   Real Audio   
Joe Meno  Professor Meno reads from his novel, How the Hula Girl Sings  Real Audio    
Andrea Merkx  Andrea Merkx sings us a song   Real Audio   
Dean Monti  Dean Monti reads a passage from his book, The Sweep of the Second Hand   Real Audio   
Alexis O'hara  Alexis performs the track "Down with the Man" from her CD In Abulia  Real Audio   
John Porcellino  John reads a poem entitled, "Crows in Winter"   Real Audio   
Whisky Rebel  The Whisky Rebel reads from his book Job Jumper   Real Audio   
David Rees  David reads from his comics My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable and My New Filing Technique is Unstoppable   Real Audio   
Lauren Sanders  Lauren Sanders reads a story titled "Shop'n"   Real Audio   
Shappy  Shappy reads his poem "Butterfly"  Real Audio   
Michelle Tea  Michelle Tea reads from her book Passionate Mistakes  Real Audio