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Roctober #16

Roctober #16

by Jake Austen

8.25"x11", b+w, color cover


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Go ape this issue with Monkey Rock N' Roll! 

Punk'nhead by Jake Austen

Comix by Glemun, Shelf Life and Guy J. Nelson


Dennis Dunaway by Eric Searleman

New Colony Six by James Porter

Comix by Souther, Jo Green and Beth

? by Battles

Punk'nheads by Searleman and Souther

Monkey Rock'n'roll by Jake Austen

For Free by Searleman

Stay Home by David Greenberger

Pedro's Pages

Sam and Dave by Searleman

Goblins Monk by Buh Zombie

Comix by Matt Feazall, Joe Fullerton, Gleemun, John P. Art Paul Schlosser and Mike Chomnski

Michael Jordan by Greg Cook

and more!