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Punk Planet #80

Punk Planet #80


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Punk Planet says goodbye with this, their final issue. But it's no clip show: PP80 is filed with NEW interviews and articles about folks starting new things, building from scratch, reinventing themselves and more! It's inspiring and a dedication to new beginnings.

Interviews in Punk Planet 80 include a talk with G7 WELCOMING COMMITTEE RECORDS about their move to all-digital release, comic artist GABRIELLE BELL, participatory economist MICHAEL ALBERT, the reborn SUBHUMANS, israeli activist FEDERICO GOMEZ, pop punkers THE STEINWAYS, and publisher ANDRE SCHIFFRIN.

Articles in PP80 include a look at BUILDING A SKATEPARK IN BAGHDAD, a critical look at THE WANING INFLUENCE OF SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST, GENDER FUCKING THE MEDIA, activists TAKING OVER REPRESENTATIVES OFFICES, and the definitive look at the END OF THE INDEPENDENT PRESS ASSOCIATION. It's a hell of an issue, even if it is the last.