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School Spirits

School Spirits

by Anya Davidson

Published by Picturebox Inc

144p, b&w, hardcover, 8.5"x10.75"


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It's been sort of a dazzling week for new comics here at the Quimbystore, but hands down the one I am most psyched about is Anya Davidson's School Spirits. This is the kind of book that's complicated like a body, where you step back and just get oggle-boggled by how the liver knows how to work with the lungs and the blood and the bile and......gahhhhhhhh!!!!!
I think it's structural tricks might be throwing people for a loop -and it is a hard book to write about but- um... that's because it's remarkable and masterful. The swerving story boils down to a few days of high school and simultaneously to the outer limits of the cosmos as it follows brash teen Oona through multiple slapstick chases, interplanetary musical appreciationzz and vast extended fantasies that take you to the cusp of losing your grip while never letting on that things are out of control. Davidson's linework is critical: she's channeling a wealth of comics history without ever surrendering the impulsive clarity of her own line. This concurrent presence of classic comics tropes and hi-con young-gun graphics lets the book stretch out, phreak out, play hooky and snap back with the kind of flexibility that by the ends up  hitting the real feeling of everything it touches. This is a future-forward approach to sci fi, a roller coaster vision, a tapped-in mindscape, and a thing of beauty and importance, So Sit Up And Take Notes, Babies. -EF