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In Trouble a Plot Story

In Trouble a Plot Story

by Neil Brideau

4.25"x5.5", b+w interior, color cover, saddle stitched


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Bored? Tired? Got nothin’ to do? Why not get in trouble?!

Set in the world of Neil Brideau’s serialized minicomic adventure, The Plot, three sisters, Ronq, Sceban, and Shaus are bored out of their gourds! What better way to break up the monotony of youth than by getting in trouble! But what mischief should the sisters get into? They’re stumped. What ensues is a goofy and funny misadventure that gets sillier and sillier.

While it exists in the world of The Plot, In Trouble isn’t critical to the ongoing story, and can be read without prior knowledge to the comic series.


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