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Punk Women vol 2

Punk Women vol 2

by David Ensminger

Published by Left of the Dial Books

6"x9", 100p, perfect-bound, color cover, b+w inside


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Punkademic David Ensmiber brings volume 2 of the series that features an incredible array of powerful, potent, and and particularly inventive women, from off-the-radar local acts to legacy bands of all stripes, from first wave punk to melodicore and garage rock. It includes profiles of many, but it also features several women discussing their own lives, histories, and band anecdotes. Commentary from members of London Girl, Manhole, The Urge, Sado-Nation, The Glittersluts, and Kimonos. Profiles of: The Saints, Bratmobile, Spitboy, the Germs, Tribe 8, Crass, the Fastbacks, The Kills, The Slits and more! Photos, flyers, pertinent reproductions.


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