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Love and Rockets vol 4 #4

Love and Rockets vol 4 #4

by Hernandez Bros and Jaime Hernandez

Published by Fantagraphics Books

8.5x11", 32 Pages, Full Color


The 2017 Eisner Hall of Famers are still at the top of their game! In Jaime's half, when the cat's away how will the mice play? Maggie's out of town and Ray is determined to do something outside of his usual routine...but what? And what kind of trouble could Maggie and Hopey possibly get into in Barrio Hoppers at 3AM? Meanwhile, there's a funeral in Palomar, and Pipo is deciding if she should attend or not. The rest of the story is a Palomar flashback of Pipo and her two adult lovers, Manuel and Soledad.