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Freebase Ain't Free

Freebase Ain't Free

by David A Kozin and Holle Thee Maxwell

Published by Thee Maxxemom Music Group

5.5"x7.5", 197p


Chicago-born vocalist Holly Maxwell, now professionally known as Holle Thee Maxwell, found her early fortune in the vibrant California music scene of the 1970s, eventually bringing her to the audience of rock n' roll icon Ike Turner. What started off as a professional relationship became a strange adventure through the music studios, hotel rooms and drug houses of Los Angeles, with Maxwell acting as Turner's personal assistant, bodyguard, confidante and surrogate sister.Holle Thee Maxwell recounts the many years she spent in the company of Ike Turner during his period of self-facilitated seclusion (also known as his "fifteen-year party"), his brief prison stay where he kicked his drug habit, and his eventual return to prominence as the successful and influential musician he was born to be. Supplemented by many photos and a collage of letters sent to Maxwell from Turner while behind bars, her unique perspective on one of the godfathers of rock n' roll makes this volume possible. Freebase Ain't Free tracks the intersecting and intertwining of these two kindred spirits, their mutual ups and downs and the arc of their inexplicably dynamic relationship.Sometimes hilarious, sometimes somber, occasionally surreal and frequently wild, Freebase Ain't Free offers Holle Thee Maxwell's intimate and unflinching view of a man who lived on the margins of the worlds of both rock and R & B music-worlds that he helped to create.