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We Are All Things

We Are All Things

by Elliot Colla and Ganzeer

Published by Radix Media

8"x5", 48p, saddle-stitched chapbook, hearty paper


As per the publisher: An ordinary room in Cairo. A man, now alone. An assemblage of household objects that aren’t so inanimate. The objects we own bear witness to our secret lives. In We Are All Things, a quiet room becomes a noisy backdrop to heartbreak and other forces of sentience. Here, pillows bemoan lost touch, lamps flicker with the memory of darkness, and the stereo coos a forgotten melody. This illustrated prose poem marries the rhythmic melody of poetry with the fluidity of a visual narrative and invites us to imagine the mystery of feeling and the longing nature of existence. Equal parts Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Yahyā al-Tāhir ‘Abdallah, We Are All Things is the first collaboration between Ganzeer and Elliott Colla.


(P.S. I love the elegantly minimal line drawings in grey and pink. -Liz)