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Goodbye Maggie

Goodbye Maggie

by Gary Gautier

162p, perfect bound, 6"x9"


In a culture of health nuts, gurus, quacks and seekers, Phil’s stagnant life is rattled when his charismatic brother, Magnus, shows up with the news that he has murdered Maggie Leblanc and asks for sanctuary. Thus starts a dramatic comedy of rollicking misdirection, as Magnus disappears, with Phil’s girlfriend, Hermia, and Phil lands on an uneasy road trip through small town Louisiana with Gus, another rival for Hermia’s attention. Phil and Gus, white and black, find racism, madness, and unlikely friendships as they roll through the swampland and return empty-handed to New Orleans. But are they really empty-handed? And has Maggie really gone gentle into that good night?


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