New Stuff This Week

areyourmotivesRaymond Pettibon: Surfers 1985-2014: Are Your Motives Pure? by Carlo McCormick $30.00 – Almost all of the works included in this volume depict a swelling ocean, accompanied by nonsequiturs, quotations and bits of poetry in the Pettibon’s handwriting.


Girl Glue #2 by Mel Stringer $10.00 – Full colour cover, 32 pages, 26 wonderful female artists and dripping with inspiration. This issue features Wishcandy and Hellen Jo on the front and back cover as well as gorgeous works by Team Kitten, Kirbee Lawler, Gemma Correll, Cat Rabbit and many more!
Crooked Girl #2 by Rosie Accola $3.00 – Women in punk edition.

Things I Wrote While Drinking #1 Art Writing and Weirdness by Joe Wallace $5.00

Bamboo Scaffolding and Supports #1 by Anneli Henriksson & Elizabeth Ravn $5.00 – Photo zine

Impulse Control Disorder #1 by Juliet Eldred $3.00

Comics & Comix

Birthed From the Mouth by Krystal Difronzo $6.00 – Poetic mini-comic about vessels and streams. Risograph printed in blue and pink. Hand bound with blue and pink thread. (See picture below!)

Half Asleep vol 3 by Beth Hetland and Kyle O’Connell $8.00

Blood Root issues #1-#3 by Shing Yin Khor & friends (Sawdust Press) $8.00 each

In Your Wake by Tara Abbamondi (Sawdust Press) $8.00

Laskimooses #21 Herra Matti Hagelbergin by Sankarten Suomaa $7.00

Laskimooses #22 Herra Matti Hagelbergin by Enteisina Aikoina $7.00

My Petty Eyes and Boom by R. Burns $3.00

Tails of the Cat #1 by Thomas Cody Roberts $1.00

Victus #3 by Tyrell Cannon $8.00

Hero Indeed Gankaritekoja by Billie Ranta $12.00

Mowglin Peili by Oliver Schrauwen $15.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks

Gris Grimly’s Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Gris Grimly $16.99

Scalped book 1 Deluxe Edition by Jason Aaron and RM Guera $29.99

Art & Design

Cinderella, Or the Little Glass Slipper by Charles Perrault, with illustrations by Camille Rose Garcia $16.99 (See below.)

Mushroom Collector by Jason Fulford $25.00 – Pictures of mushrooms from a flea market plus pics and text relating to Fulford’s fungi adventures, this reprinted treasure has been out of print for years and is finally back in print.

Let’s Go Letter Hunting: A Field Guide for Typographic Expeditions by Friends of Type $16.95 – This lightly-guided journal helps aspiring typographers draw, record, and be inspired by the typography they find out in the world.

Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Colouring Book by Johanna Basford $15.95

Eventually Everything Connects by Loris Lora (Nobrow) $40.00 – Explore the movers, shakers, and shapers of the arts of the Californian modernist movement in this accoridian-style book.

Wayward Cognitions by Ed Templeton $45.00 – Photos spanning 20 years of this skater/youth documentarian’s extensive output.


Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances by Neil Gaiman $26.99


Axes of Evil: The True Story of the Ax Man Murders by Todd C Elliott $19.95

Money Mafia: A World in Crisis by Paul T. Hellyer $19.95

Music Books

The Half That’s Never Been Told: The Real-Life Reggae Adventures of Doctor Dread by Doctor Dread and Bunny Wailer $16.95

Respect Yourself: Stax Records and the Soul Explosion by Robert Gordon $19.00 – Now in soft cover.

Local Interest

Chronicles of Old Chicago: Exploring the History and Lore of the Windy City (Chronicles Series) by Adam Selzer $19.95

Politics & Revolution

Anarchists Never Surrender: Essays, Polemics, and Correspondence on Anarchism, 1908–1938 by Victor Serge $20.00

Eclipse and Re-emergence of the Communist Movement by Gilles Dauvé and François Martin $14.95 – The original essays included here were first written between 1969 and 1972 by people involved in the most radical aspects of the French general strike and circulated among left communist and worker circles.

Shadow Warfare: The History of America’s Undeclared Wars by Larry Hancock and Stuart Wexler $24.95 – Now in soft cover.

Life and Ideas: The Anarchist Writings of Errico Malatesta by Errico Malatesta and ed. by Vernon Richards $21.95


Woof: Dog Eat Cinema Magazine, issues #1 & #2 $6.00 each – Gore, filth and trash of vintage porn. For lovers of Cinema Sewer.

Paper Magazine Mar 15 $10.00

Glamour Girl vol 1 #2 Jan 15 $15.00

Chap Books

Overtime Hour 35 The Night Manager by Tom Larsen $2.00

Daniel Clowes Signs The Complete Eightball 1-18 on 4/30

7:00 pm

Complete Eightball Tour Poster_Quimbys

Daniel Clowes’s new book The Complete Eightball 1-18 (Fantagraphics Books) collects 18 issues of the beloved comic books series Eightball, originally published between 1989 and 1997, and widely considered to be one of the greatest and most influential comic book titles of all time. Before he rose to fame as the author of bestselling graphic novels Ghost World, Ice Haven, and Daniel Boring, Clowes made his name with such seminal serialized graphic novels/strips/rants as “Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron,” “Ghost World,” “Art School Confidential,” “Glue Destiny,” and so many more, including many never reprinted before now. For this 25th Anniversary, Fantagraphics is collecting these long out-of-print issues in a slipcased set of two hardcover volumes, reproducing each issue in facsimile form exactly as they were originally published.

“[Clowes’s comics have] the perfect interplay between his tightly controlled artwork, the empty rage…simmering just beneath it, and just below that, a strangely simple yearning for simple and solid things, like, say, love…There’s poetry in every panel.” – Dave Eggers

The work of Daniel Clowes has been featured in The New Yorker, Time, Newsweek, Esquire, GQ, and many other magazines. He was the first cartoonist to be selected for Esquire’s annual fiction issue in 1998, created the much-praised animated video for the Ramones’ “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up,” designed the poster illustration for Todd Solondz’s Happiness, and has contributed numerous memorable covers to The New Yorker.

In 2001, the adaptation of Ghost World, based on a script by Clowes and director Terry Zwigoff, earned an Academy Award Nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay and won the Independent Spirit award. He currently has several film projects in development.

For more info:

facebook event post

Thursday, April 30th, 7pm – Free Event


Chicago Zine Fest 2015 Registration Starts Sun, Feb 22nd

CZF15boxRegistration for the 2015 Chicago Zine Fest opens this Sunday, February 22 at 12pm (Central Time)! Table space is first come, first served, and it sells out quickly. Click here for more info.

CZF will be on May 8 + 9, 2015 at a few places around Chicago including tabling at Plumbers Union Hall on the Near West Side. Exhibition day is Saturday from 11am – 6pm. More info on the weekend’s events will be announced soon!

Quimby’s is proud to co-sponsor CZF!

New Stuff This Week


Sugaria by Brett Manning $7.00 – Sweet Sugaria is 100% candy and 100% girl – the result of a union between a witch and a cake. She rides mystical pastel-toned waves of unicorns, cotton candy and chocolate bunnies in this silly, fun treat of a story. BONUS: has a sparkly cover.-NY



Bohemian Grove: The Day the Teddy Bears Have Their Picnic by Victoria Harley and Oats Redding $2.00

The Difference Between #4 by Billy Roberts, with illustrations by Ramsey Beyer $2.00 – What’s the difference between Patti Smith vs Patty Smyth? Read to find out, along with other pairs of similiar but different things. And hand drawn illustrations! Hilarious!

Coffee and Cigarettes #2 by CF $5.00 – A celebration of both vices!

Lattes For Love $3.00

Lady Grunts by Alicia Obermeyer $2.00

Hot Bath Cold Whiskey #1 by Maggie Coughlan $7.00

various issues of Thrifty Times by Sarah MacDonald, various prices

Comics & Minis

Barely Here Barely There #2 by Kellysue Calderon $3.00

Team Work Makes the Dream Work…by Kyle OConnell and Beth Hetland $5.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks

Intelligent Sentient? by Luke Ramsey (D&Q) $22.95 – Filigreed sci-fi drawings that involve a loose narrative about a society of giant people, strange art, and inexplicable scientific experiments utilizing nonexistent technology.

Yo Miss, A Graphic Look at High School by Lisa Wilde $12.95

Caliban Collected Volume by Garth Ennis & friends $19.99

Zombies Vs Robots Omnibus #1 by Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood $29.99

Trees vol 1 In Shadow by Warren Ellis & friends $14.99

Fables Deluxe Edition Book 7 by Bill Willingham & friends $29.99

Pies by Ian King $24.00

Art & Design

An Edge Effect: Art & Ecology in the Nordic Landscape by Bonnie Fortune (Half Letter Press) $25.00

Street Craft: Guerrilla Gardening / Yarnbombing / Light Graffiti Street Sculpture / and More by Riikka Kuittinen $29.95


Enjoy Me by Logan Ryan Smith $11.99

Einstein’s Beach House by Jacob M. Appel $10.00

Annihilation Book 1 of the Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer $13.00


Mastering Homebrew: The Complete Guide to Brewing Delicious Beer by Randy Mosher $29.95

Marijuana Nation: One Man’s Chronicle of America Getting High: from Vietnam to Legalization by Roger Roffman $15.95 – Now in soft cover. There’s a joke about rolling papers in there somewhere.

Film Books

The Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel by Matt Zoller Seitz $35.00

Politics & Revolution
Guantanamo Diary by Mohamedou Ould Slahi $29.00

Kids Stuff

Crazy Hair by Neil Gaiman, illustrations by Dave “Sandman Covers” McKean $6.99 – Now in soft cover.

Juxtapoz #170 Mar 15 $6.99
The Great Discontent #2 $25.00
Offscreen #10 $22.00
Subconscious Restaurant #3 Mexico Edition $10.00
Raw Vision #84 $14.00
Atlantis Risig #110 Mar Apr 15 $5.95
High Times Apr 15 $5.99
Modern Drunkard #59 $4.95
Cannabis Now #13 $7.99
Worn Fashion Journal #19 and #20 $22.00
Monocle vol 8 #80 Feb 15 $12.00
Cinema Retro vol 11 #31  $11.99
Little White Lies #57 Truth and Movies  $12.99
Highway Magazine #1 Fall 14 $12.00
Maximumrocknroll #382 $4.99
Mojo #255 Feb 15 $9.99
AdBusters Mar Apr 15 $12.95
Skin and Ink Apr 15 #156 $8.99

Last Minute Hasty Valentine Gift Guide

Don't get burned this year on V-Day! Get your Valentine something'll they're hot for!

Need to drop a few shekels on someone special this Heart Day? Fear not, dear Quimby’s shopper. We are here to guide your wayward soul.

-I Swallowed the Key to My Heart #3 Truer Than True Tales of Strange Romance  by Liz Prince, $5


Not everyone is the right one. Let them down easy with a comic all about being in a relationship and falling for someone else who scores you gratis concert tickets. You could even bake a cake with a sea creature to really bring the point home. (You’ll get it if you do end up getting this  poignant yet adorable comic).

FOR THE NOSTALGIC BGFF (best grrlfriend foreverrrr)
-Dude Diligence Unsolicited Messages via an Electronic Matchmaker by Marissa, $4


Bring it back to the days of M.A.S.H and Miss Suzy and her steamboat with this treat of a cootie catcher. Kristin/Ashlee/Jennipher/Kimberli will, like, totally love you if you buy this for herrrr. She may even share her Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker with you and give you the left half of her friendship necklace from Claire’s.

-Tasteful Vintage Nude Photograph (Grab Bag), $5


Spice things up with a partner or make someone in your family very uncomfortable with a black and white nudie photo of a sexy lady, probably long dead. Much like a box of Valentine’s chocolates, you never know which vintage buxom goddess you’re gonna get when you order one of these babies. Yoyza, USSR, watch out for those land-attack missiles. Pow, pow, pow!

-Chicago Girls by Molly Hills, $10

Fill their condo with love this year when you buy them this Second-City spin on “Intercourse and the Municipality,” or whatever that HBO show was called. Hot cocktails, lipstick, buff dudes, ladypal hijinks and steamy hookups pepper this novella. If you’re enamored with someone whose secret dream is having their diary turned into a major motion picture, jump on this on the immediate. We guarantee sparkly, fuchsia, freesia-scented fireworks!

-Meaty by Samantha Irby, $15.95


Bitches Gotta Eat blogger Samantha Irby attacks love, relationships, sex and contemporary life with a golden fondue skewer of brutally honest snarkitude. Her uproarious candor in this collection of essays is sure to be just the gift for any fan of witty takedowns, real talk and reality checks. You’ll score major points with bae if you wrap it in either faux or real bacon.

-Pinups #16 Jeff by Christopher Schulz, $14


It’s not every day a naked dude takes a bare-ass stroll among some boulders. But, hey, we bet your partner/husband/boyfriend/buddy/local park ranger would get def down with this rad pictorial spread for V-Day. Ooh, Jeff, be careful on all those sharp, pointy rocks. Or, hey, go ahead and sit down and make yourself comfortable. We couldn’t “bear” the thought of leaving.

-Love Song by Drew Brockington, $3


The age old way to bag any babe is by slamming a spine-tingling chord on your gee-tair. But what if, instead of a hottie, you’re up against the devil and, whoa, you’re not in Georgia but your name sure is George. And nary is there a violin to be found, just your rad-a-Stratocaster. Warm the cockles of your pining yet crushworthy musician with Brockington’s ode to the purest form of love – groupie and rocker.

-My Complicated Relationship With Food by Zach, $1mycomplicfood_lgMuch like seeking the perfect partner in a sea of duds on a dating website, our protagonist Zach seems to have a hard time finding foods he actually wants to really “be” with. And why should he settle? He has discerning tastes. If this sounds at all like your giftee in question, picking through  the blueberries, onions and “pointless” brie of life, give this one a go.

-Nicki Yowell