A Breakup Party at Quimby’s with Vice Versa Press on 8/8

7:00 pm


Put on your best glitter makeup, tease that hair, squeeze into those dirty jeans and join A Breakup Party at Quimby’s! Featuring a series of smart-ass speeches, heartfelt rants, and stories of love gone WRONG: Vice Versa Press presents a very special night of zines, great conversation, and smart women with attitude.


Featuring the Chicago release of “Baltimore Breakups: A Pop-Up Memoir” zine, Quimby’s welcomes author Julia Arredondo to read excerpts from her latest written work. With titles such as “Guide to Dating Gangsters Vol. 1” and “Guide to Being Alone” under her belt, Arredondo brings it to you straight about the ups and downs of lovin’ in Charm City.


Struttin’ her stuff as the fashion icon she is, Vanessa Viruet will present her latest love forecasts to the audience as well as reflections about her most recent personal breakup. Love may get a gal down, but it sure can’t help the woman from being fabulous!


And the one and only Melissa Smith, relationship eulogist, will present her latest series of mournful speeches pertaining to heartache and love lost.


Vice Versa Press zines and paper goods will also be available for purchase throughout the night!


Facebook Event post is here.

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New Stuff This Week

Fake A$$ Rappers by KPolly $20.00 – Fictional rapper portraits, featuring such fake hip hop luminaries as… Sha-Shaun Shaun and Alpha Fo Fum. Interesting stats, first album, seminal song and even sample lyrics.

Pieces #11 On Connecting Through Friendships Letters and Zines by Nichole $2.00
Shameless Sum 14 $6.95
How To Sleep by Neik Glasshouse $3.00

Comics & Comix
Peanuts and Snoopies by Jay Howell (Secret Headquarters) $10.00
Dope Mouthfeel #5 by Steve Schaberg $4.00
Harmonic Break #1 by August von Trapp with Thomas Lauderdale and friends $2.00 – Yes, written by the grandchildren of the actual von Trapps. With art by Thien Pham, Zak Kinsella and more.

House of Small Shadows by Adam Nevill $25.99
Symmetry Teacher by Andrei Bitov $26.00
Rock and a Hard Place by Phil Rood $6.00

Graphic Novel & Trade Paperback
Carbon by Justin Madson $9.95
Leaky Timbers by Joey Ellis $15.00

William Shakespeare’s The Jedi Doth Return by Ian Doescher $14.95

Juxtapoz #163 Aug 14 $5.99
Frankie #59 $14.95
2600 the Hacker Quarterly vol 31 #2 Sum 14 $6.95
ISP #6 Jul Aug 14 International Street Photography $5.99
True Crime Special Sum 14 20 All True Murder Stories $6.99
Gothic Beauty #44  $6.95
Modern Drunkard #58 $4.95
High Times Sep 14 $5.99
Cherry Bombe #3 $20.00
Evilspeak #1 $7.00
Ghettoblaster #38 $4.50
Wire Jul 14 #365 $9.99
Clash #96 $8.99
Against the Current #171 Jul Aug 14 $5.00
ASR #62 Sum 14 Anarcho Syndicalist Review $5.00
Dissent Sum 14 $10.00
Hedgehog Review vol 16 #2 Sum 14 $12.00 – Critical Reflections on Contemporary Culture.
Make Shift #15 Spr Sum 14 Feminisms In Motion $6.95
Modern Slavery #3 The Libertarian Critique of Civilization $12.95
Radical Philosophy #186 Jul Aug 14 $13.00
Freshly Inked vol 4 #4 Sep 14 $6.99
Tat2 Magazine #12 Jul 14 $8.99
Our Tattoos vol 4 Best Tattoos From the World’s Best Artists $11.99

Lit Journals & Chap Books
The Chicago Review vol 58 #2 $12.00
Scoundrel by China Thomas $5.00
Six By Six #30 Words $6.00

Hustlers by Eve Fowler $39.95


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