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Scott Mills signing

Feb ’04
12:00 am

Monday April 5th 6PM
Scott Mills is the Eisner and Harvey award nominated creator of the graphic
novels BIG CLAY POT, TRENCHES, MY OWN LITTLE EMPIRE, ZEBEDIAH THE HILLBILLY ZOMBIE REDNECK BITES THE DUST, and THE MASTERPLAN. He won the Ignatz award for Outstanding Story for the book TRENCHES and the Xeric award for the mini-comic CELLS. He is currently at work on the anthology series SEAMONSTERS & SUPERHEROES for Slave Labor Graphics, and the syndicated strip PIPE DREAMS.”
He will be on hand to sign his comics and maybe other people’s too if you make him.
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Oyez event

Feb ’04
12:00 am

Saturday Feb. 21st
5:00 PM
Roosevelt University’s Oyez Review is dedicated to bringing you the quality prose, poetry and art you need to get you through your day. It’s delicious and nutritous, tastes just like chicken. This will be an event to celebrate the new issue.
Robert Vivian who’s first book, Cold Snap As Yearning, was published by the Univ. of Nebraska Press. His essays and poems have appeared in Harper’s, New York Quarterly, Georgia Review and others. He teaches English at Alma College in Michigan.
Michael Brownstein is an elementary school science teacher in the Chicago public schools. His work has appeared in The Cafe Review, Kings Estate Press, Ariel and others. Awards include, The Ommation Press Best Chapbook and the Triton College International Poetry Prize. He currently writes for The Southstreet Journal.
and photographer Stephanie Dean