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Perpetual Motion Roadshow

Jun ’06
12:00 am

Friday, May 19th, 7:00 PM
…Perpetual Motion Roadshow #33…
low-fallutin’ scribe
from Chicago!
poetic super-vixen
from Toronto!
guitar slinging romantic
from Toronto!
and local opener,
faithful urban scribe
Emerson Dameron serves as editor and sole
contributor for the zine Wherewithal. He also
contributes to the2ndhand, Zine World: A
Reader’s Guide to the Underground Press, Dusted
Magazine, The Machine and other magazines and
websites. On Wednesday nights, he hosts a show
on WLUW-FM. With the rest of the Diatribe Media
family, he organizes small-press events in
Chicago. With Nell Taylor, he co-founded the
Chicago Underground Library, which you should
ask him about. He fancies himself a comedian,
though accounts vary. He is an ordained minister
and performs weddings at reasonable rates. He
maintains a skeletal online presence at
Tanis Rideout’s first appearance was in a
foreign story line (Unclear Origins, issue #8),
which took her through Tai Chi Ch’uan poetry
training around the globe. Never a master of
secret identity, she took refuge from the world
to master control of language and rhythm (see
The Lost Years, issue #4). During that time she
learned to wield words with ninja-like
precision. She emerged from seclusion to join
the Justice League of Poets (Northern Stories,
issues #63-on). Current plotlines leave our hero
seeking to balance her search for poetic justice
with daily existence (The Continuing Adventures
of Po’ It Girl).
What do hippie parents and too many Zeppelin
albums make? Snoovy — Toronto’s veteran grrl
rocker gives you the flower child experience in
a blend of her own jumpy rock hits and moody
ballads. Her sweet and sultry vocals and
heavy-handed acoustic rhythm guitar will make
you go groovy all over, baby. She’s the Montreal
Fringe Fest’s battle-of-the-bands winner, the
Toronto pride stage chick rocker, University of
Manitoba’s flute choir diva, and California’s
speed metal folkie. A true tour baby at heart,
Snoovy joins the Roadshow to spread more peace,
love, and rock and roll.

Anthony Neil Smith author of The Drummer reads

Jun ’06
12:00 am

Anthony Neil Smith author ofThe Drummer readsTuesday, June 6th, 7:00 PMFREE
“[The Drummer is] the book to read this summer.” – Crimespree Magazine
“The future is assured. The future is Anthony Neil Smith. Let the devil rejoice.” – Ken Bruen
“Anthony Neil Smith has penned a masterpiece of heavy metal noir.” – Victor Gischler
The Drummer synopsis:
80’s band Savage Night was living the hair-metal fantasy when they discover they’re in debt while touring overseas. To avoid the IRS, the Drummer shaves his head-banging locks and fakes his own suicide. Fifteen years later, the Singer has tracked him down in hopes of convincing him to come out of hiding for a reunion tour.
Anthony Neil Smith is on the creative writing faculty at Southwest Minnesota State University. Born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, not far from New Orleans, Smith is donating a portion of his profits from the sales of The Drummer to Foundations For Recovery, a charitable organization that services displaced persons and other victims of Hurricane Katrina.
Smith served as co-editor of the online crime writing magazine he co-founded with Hunter Hayes and Victor Gischler, Plots with Guns. In the Fall of 2005, Dennis McMillan Publications released a print anthology.
The Drummer is published by Two Dollar Radio; an independent book publishing company whose aim is to reestablish the literary, cultural, and artistic spirit of publishing.
“The creativity and vitality of punk and other underground/outsider art scenes is increasingly visible across the indie publishing spectrum, from stalwarts like Soft Skull and AK Press to newer companies like Two Dollar Radio…” – Johnny Temple; Editor in Chief of Akashic Books, in The Book Standard.
More info is at

Dan Berger author of Outlaws of America

Jun ’06
12:00 am

Dan Berger author ofOutlaws of America readsSaturday, June 3rd, 7:00 PMFREE
Outlaws of America brings to life America\’s most famous renegades, the Weather Underground. Based on detailed and original research, it is a gripping account of the actions and motivations of the group of white people who risked everything to oppose war and racism. At the same time, it provides a nuanced and critically engaged study demostrating the Weather Underground\’s contemporary significance.
This engaging, and timely book tells the untold story of the Weather Underground, from its incendiary beginnings to its tumultuous end. In an unsparing critical analysis, Berger uses dozens of in-depth interviews with former Weather Underground members and other long-time activists to trace the group\’s evolution in relation to the civil rights, Black Power, and anti-war movements. From the Students for a Democratic Society of the 1960s through the political trials of the 1980s, Outlaws of America is a history of the Weather Underground that clearly resonates today. It is essential reading for students, activists, and anyone concerned about both the state of the world and what to do about it.
Dan Berger is a 24-year-old writer, activist, and graduate student living in Philadelphia. He is the author of Outlaws of America: The Weather Underground and the Politics of Solidarity (AK Press, 2006) and co-editor of Letters From Young Activists: Today\’s Rebels Speak Out (Nation Books, 2005).
The grandson of Holocaust survivors, Berger has been involved with an array of anti-racist and global justice organizing projects. Currently, he is a Ph.D. student at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, and a member of Resistance in Brooklyn. His writing has appeared in Z, Socialism and Democracy, and the Philadelphia Inquirer, among elsewhere.