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Proof I Exist #32

Proof I Exist #32

by Billy

quarter size, 16p, stapled


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Here's what Billy says about it: I'm getting old! How about you? It's not bad, it's just weird. So here are some drawings I did about it. As you will see, I'm not that great of an artist. But who cares?! Punk rock. So here are 10 drawings I did about getting old, with little comments. Wanna know how old I am? I'm old enough to feel EXCITED about going to the dentist next week! I have a crown coming loose, and the old me, which is ironically the YOUNG me, would have just waited until the crown fell off. But the new me, which is ironically the OLD me, is like, "Dentist, get me in there ASAP, we have a dental concern to deal with!