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Cul-de-sac #9 The Food Issue

Cul-de-sac #9 The Food Issue

by Julie Halpern and Liz Mason

5.5"x8.5", 44p, orange card stock cover, b+w inside, photocopied, stapled


Liz here! Perhaps you'll find this food-themed issue of the zine I do with Julie Halpern appetizing? (Insert groan here.) We talk food this issue: delights, habits, psychological fixations and peripherals -- if by peripherals you mean the time I ate all the Girl Scout Cookies I was supposed to deliver, or the time Julie acquired her lifelong search for the holy grail of Happy Meal toys, or even stories of times we received things we didn't order, then yes, we have plenty of peripherals. Or maybe you mean nonpareils? After all, we sure have a lot to say about movie theater concession stands. Also in this issue we dish on (double groan) some of our deeper dining hangups. Bon appétit!


This zine is best paired with a Sour Patch Kids chiffonade garnished with a Pop Rocks mirepoix. 


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