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Lowbrow Reader #12

Lowbrow Reader #12

by Brian Abrams, Dave Eggers, Nathan Gelgud, Keith Gendel, Richard Hell, Doreen Kirchner, Jeremy Levenbach, John Mathias, Alex Eben Meyer, Jay Ruttenberg, Tom Sanford and Lucinda Schreiber

8.5"x5.5", 40p, stapled, cardstock ccrea cover w/ b+w inside


In this issue:


Letter from the Editor: “The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Book 5”??"A Review


Three Poems

by Richard Hell


Land of a Thousand Kramers

by Jay Ruttenberg


Whiplash Settlement

by Jeremy Levenbach


The Dangerfield Collection

illustration by Keith Gendel


Robert Costanzo, the Essential Worker

by Brian Abrams


A Cartoon

by Dave Eggers



by John Mathias (cover), Nathan Gelgud, Doreen Kirchner, Alex Eben Meyer, Tom Sanford, and Lucinda Schreiber