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Tape Op #155

Tape Op #155

by Larry Crane (editor)

8.5"x11", about 74p, color, saddle stitched


From the intro of this MAY/JUN 2023 issue:


Welcome to issue #155 of Tape Op.


While brainstorming the "Not So Oblique Strategies" End Rant for this issue, I was reminded of a very simple, but truthful (and not so oblique), thought I've been trying to convey via Tape Op for decades:

Creating a place and time for music to be recorded is as important as the tools used to capture the sounds. In fact, I think it's more important.


Whether it's in a commercial studio, setting up a personal space at home, or using other locales as tracking rooms, we all must decide on the place where music will be made and recorded. Then, even more important, comes the task of setting a start and stop time for when the session will take place, as well as determining the goals to reach and what methodology to use. But there are always so many distractions that can deter us.


I don't know how many "solo albums" I have meant to start that end up getting pushed aside for other tasks. When I work at home, I often find myself distracted with daily chores. When I visit my studio on an open day, I might find myself unintentionally getting wrapped up in updating software, repairing headphones, or sorting out cables. Before I know it, the time that I'd hoped I would spend recording my own music has filled with tasks. We all have work to do, and keeping any studio space running is important. However, despite the many myths, creativity often doesn't "just happen." It needs a set time and place to flourish.


Find a place, pick a time, and work on the music you wish to capture or create. This simple act of focusin g is the first step towards getting results.




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