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Roctober #53 and #54

Roctober #53 and #54

by Jake Austen, ed and Various

8"x10.75", about 128p, newsprint


A double issue!

Jake Austen sez:

Since 1992 Roctober Magazine has been one of the most passionate, thorough, absurd, densely packed, ridiculous music zines in the world, with brilliant, research-obsessed, generous writers covering obscure musicians in all genres. The zine also featuring some of the best graphic artists and cartoonists who ever lived. Roctober helps music fans around the globe discover lost superheroes of music, and those artists get the respect and honors they long-deserve by seeing their stories told accurately and joyfully. After a false start in 2021 we are finally publishing the amazing issue #53, with a bonus of a full second issue featuring the art, writing, and research of Gentleman John Battles

Roctober 53 includes interviews, mini-interviews, articles, artwork and comics about Weird Al, Blondie, Mike Love, Blowfly, Bootsy Collins, Air Supply, Mavis Staples, Klaus Flouride, Dave Vanian, Fishbone, Fela, Wanda Jackson, Sarah Dash, Spider Stacy, Common, Prince, Muzak, Yoko Ono , Rick Dees, Humpty Hump, Wanda Jackson, Sarah Dash, Spider Stacy, Common, Prince, Muzak, Yoko Ono, The Pink Panther, Jim Dandy, New Orleans 45s, Lydia Lunch, Mick Clintrock, John Lee Hooker, and The Secret Sex History of the Cabbage Patch Kids

#54: Question Mark (of the Mysterians, Roky Erickson, Johnny Thunders, VIncent Price, Cynthis Plaster Caster, Mary Weiss, and dozens more, all presented by Gentleman John Battles


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