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Quimby the Mouse Wooden Toy

Quimby the Mouse Wooden Toy

by Chris Ware

Published by Dark Horse

6" toy with separate extra head, hard cover book 3.5" x 4.5" in full color, all come in box that measures 6.75" X 3.5" x 8"


"Quimby the Mouse" originally found expression within the pages of the periodical The ACME Novelty Library. This wood, wire, cloth and rope approximation of F.C. Ware's creation is now ready to be added to your collection. Packaged in a colorful, hand-designed preprinted cardboard container, including a 32-page hardcover book written and drawn, by Mr. Ware, the whole setup is rounded off with a perfect-scale replica bonus of Quimby the Mouse's long lost love, "Sparky the Cat." Sure to be coveted by collectors and fans alike, place your orders now for this little memento of pre-21st century nostalgia.

Note: This doesn't come with the Quimby's tablecloth. But it does come with a charming and hilarious sticker on the back of the box explaining how every one of these toys made have eyes that are painted lower than Mr. Ware prefers.

And oh! People often ask us what the deal is between Quimby the Mouse and Quimby's Bookstore is! Read about that info here and here.


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