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Curious History of Sex

Curious History of Sex

by Kate Lister

Published by Unbound

6.2"x9.4", 384p, hard cover


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Drawing upon extensive research from Dr Kate Lister’s Whores of Yore website and written with her distinctive humor and wit, A Curious History of Sex covers topics ranging from 20th century testicle thefts to Victorian doctors massaging the pelvises of their female patients, from smutty bread innuendos dating back to AD 79, to the new and controversial sex doll brothels. It is peppered with surprising and informative historical slang and illustrated by eye-opening, toe- curling and hilarious images. In this fascinating book, Lister deftly debunks myths and stereotypes and gives unusual sexual practices an historical framework, as she provides valuable context for issues facing people today, including gender, sexual shame, beauty and language.