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Today’s Featured Book: Concrete Inspection by Crispin Hellion Glover

Subtitle of Concrete Inspection by Crispin Hellion Glover: “A Manual of Information And Instructions For Inspectors With Standard And Typical Specifications.” Actually it’s a collage telling the story about the narrator’s mother (among other things). Even though it’s a black hardcover with copper engraving (I think maybe engraving is the right word), it feels very zine-ish ’cause of its cut-and-paste approach. Funny that the story would be about the narrator’s mother (and we realize you should never assume the narrator is the author), since when we call the publisher (Volcanic Eruptions) to place reorders, we’re pretty sure that we talk to Crisin’s mom. We’re not 100% sure on this one, but well, pretty sure. Maybe. Anyway, we have some of his other books too, here.

Chunklet #20 Is Here!

Now in stock for the awesomest price ever of $9.99 for 134 pages of the usual tiny font, the 20th issue of Chunklet (20 issues, 15 years!). Don’t miss Whirlyball with such bands as Arcade Fire, The Shins, Death Cab for Cutie and countless others. Laugh-out-loud funny Rock Sniglets, Music Journalist Application Form, Zine Fair Pick-Up Lines (That Failed Miserably) [“I’m not the do-it-yourself type…I’d rather do it with you.”] — This is rockin’. That’s why this mag only comes out once every 3 years, because of its high hilariousness quotient. Chunklet makes fun of pretty much everything the cool kids listen to, which is why I love it. More music mags should have this many opinions, instead of just being a conglomeration of press releases the publicity agents are sending out. I mean, really, does EVERY magazine need to have Cat Power on the cover with varying pictures from the same photo shoot?

Kilter release party at Quimby’s!

Oct ’08
7:00 pm

Join us for the release of the new Chicago Goth Zine – Kilter.
Kilter is an off-shoot of which is an events website and myspace page for the fine arts and music events within the Chicago Dark Art, Fetish, Gothic & Industrial community.
Featuring reading and performances from:

Jennifer Anne Buckley: General magazine intro, and overview
Peter Propaganda: Local Events and Music
DVNT Dom: Shabari and Bondage discussion and Demonstration
Nyx: Erotic Poetry reading
Zoe: a talk about the interviewing process

We have the new Mark Ryden book, Sweet Wishes!

With its vibrant and colorful pictures, Sweet Wishes tells the tale of Dolly, Baby and Bear and what happens when they are granted a wish from a magical fairy — regarding eating too many sweets. This 56 page book is hard covered and measures 11.25 x 9.5 inches. The story is based on a short film by the authors, Mark Ryden and Marion Peck. Published by Porterhouse Fine Art Editions in Pasadena, CA. Copies are limited so make sure you get yours now, ’cause like most Mark Ryden books for us, once they’re gone, they’re gone. Plus, note it’s only $20.00! It’s a pretty twisted title that could double as a lowbrow art and/or a kids book (By the way, we don’t have a lot of kids books, just ones that we think are cool, so take advantage of this while it’s here). Dolls and teddies making messes of cupcakes and themselves — hell yeah!

Quimby’s Top Ten Best Sellers For the Week of September 14th, 2008 – September 20th

1.    Slow Storm by Danica Novgorodoff (First Second) $17.95
2.    Cometbus #51 by Aaron Cometbus $3.00
3.    Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons (Vertigo) $19.99
4.    Chunklet #20 $9.99
5.    Tales Designed to Thrizzle #4 by Michael Kupperman (Fantagraphics) $4.50
6.    Demons In the Spring by Joe Meno (Akashic) $24.95
7.    Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman (Scriber) $24.00
8.    Proximity #2 Cities Issue $10.00
9.    Rough Guide To Bicycle Maintenance $2.00
10.    Bust Oct Nov 08 $4.99