Chunklet #20 Is Here!

Now in stock for the awesomest price ever of $9.99 for 134 pages of the usual tiny font, the 20th issue of Chunklet (20 issues, 15 years!). Don’t miss Whirlyball with such bands as Arcade Fire, The Shins, Death Cab for Cutie and countless others. Laugh-out-loud funny Rock Sniglets, Music Journalist Application Form, Zine Fair Pick-Up Lines (That Failed Miserably) [“I’m not the do-it-yourself type…I’d rather do it with you.”] — This is rockin’. That’s why this mag only comes out once every 3 years, because of its high hilariousness quotient. Chunklet makes fun of pretty much everything the cool kids listen to, which is why I love it. More music mags should have this many opinions, instead of just being a conglomeration of press releases the publicity agents are sending out. I mean, really, does EVERY magazine need to have Cat Power on the cover with varying pictures from the same photo shoot?