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Top 10 Last Week

C2E2 booth shared with Chicago Comics.

C2E2 booth shared with Chicago Comics.

Thanks to everybody who visited our booth shared with Chicago Comics at C2E2!

Top 10 Last Week

1. MadM Signed Out of Our Minds (OOOM) comic by Melissa Auf der Maur $12.00

2. Lose #1 by Michael Deforge $5.00

3. Mojo #198 May 10 $9.99

4. Body World by Dash Shaw (Pantheon) $27.95

5. Snake Pit 2009 by Ben Snakepit (Birdcage Bottom) $6.00

6. Make #9 Spr Sum 10 $10.00

7. Bitch #46 $5.95

8. Beautiful Decay Book 3 The Underdogs $20.00

9. N Plus 1 #9 Spr 10 Bad Money $13.95

10. Pygmy (soft cover) by Chuck Palahniuk (Anchor) $14.95

New Stuff This Week

Lit Journals

Rhino 2010 Poetry Forum $12.00

Logan Square Literary Review #3 Spr 10 $5.00

N Plus 1 #9 Spr 10 Bad Money $13.95

Barrelhouse #8 $8.00


In This Corner by Andy Jewett $1.00


Sicko by Andy Jewett $3.00


Losers Weepers #1 and #2 by JT Yost (Birdcage Bottom) $5.00 each

Women & Their Hesitant Natures by Delia Hickey $5.00

Life & Times of Baby Otto Zeplin #1 – #4 (Fake Story Real Boy) by BT Livermore $4.00 for each issue individually.

Abortion Andy Baby Steps by GP Bonesteel $6.00

Aliens First Encounterby GP Bonesteel $3.00


Life of Vice #2 by Robin Enrico $3.00

Lose #1 & Lose #2 by Michael Deforge $5.00 each

III Generation Mafia #1 Unsuspecting Victim by Dommanick Hampton $4.00

Hatred for a Human Host #666 by Zach Hazard Vaupen $5.00


Shock Action Stories #1 Gutter Punk Farmboy Death of Lit and Lang by Corry Graston $3.00

Shock Action Stories #2 Torture Issue Oh Shit Like Dogs by Corry Graston $3.00

Reading Log 2009 by Celia Perez $1.00

Atlas of Childhood: Zine About Childrens Books Celia Perez $2.00

I Dreamed I was Assertve #11 & I Dreamed I was Assertve #12 $2.00 each

Neighbourhood Sacrifice $2.00

Wowee Zonk Pobodys Nurfect by var. $10.0

Lifestyles, Culture & Art Mags

Deadbeat #13 $9.95

Meatpaper #11 Spr 10 $7.95

Wallpaper May 10 $9.50

Skunk vol 6#1 $5.99

Tattoo Scout #16 $8.00

Monster Children #26 $9.00

Urban Ink #52 $8.99

Harpers May 10 $6.95

Juxtapoz #112 May 10 $5.99

Dazed & Confused #84 Apr 10 $9.95

Tree Sapp #1 by Anika Sabin and John Wagner $11.00

Scoot Magazine #55 Apr 10 $5.95

Lowbrow & Street Art Books

Graffiti From A to Z by Booqs (Booqs) $14.95

Zine-Related Books

Better of McSweeneys vol 2 Issues 11 through 20 (McSweeneys) $18.00

Politics & Revolution Media

Motherhood and Feminism by Amber Kinser (Seal) $14.95

War and Civil Disobedience CD by Howard Zinn (PM Press) $14.95

Angry Brigade: A History of Britains First Urban Guerilla Group (PM Press) $24.95

In These Times Apr 10 $3.50

Amass #35 $4.95

Outer Limits, Mayhem & True Crime Books

The Key to Solomons Key: Is This the Lost Symbol of Masonry 2nd Edition by Lon Milo DuQuette & James Wasserman (Cons. of Coll. Cons.) $16.95

Get Capone The Secret Plot That Captured Americas Most Wanted Gangster HC by Jonathan Eig (Simon) $28.00

Dead Men Talking: The Worlds Worst Killers in Their Own Words by Christopher Berry Dee (John Blake) $16.95

Shared Madness: True Stories of Couples Who Kill (John Blake) $13.95

Real Zombies Living Dead and Creatures of the Apocalypse by Brad Steiger (Visible Ink) $19.95

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks

Snake Pit 2009 $6.00

The Culture Corner by Basil Wolverton & Monte Wolverton (Fantagraphics) $22.99

RASL TPB vol 2 Fire of St George by Jeff Smith (Cartoon) $15.00

100 TPB SC by Paul Pope (Vertigo) $29.99

Grimjack The Manx Cat, Grim Jack by John Ostrander & Timothy Truman (IDW) $19.99

Sword of My Mouth TPB by Jim Munroe & Shannon Gerard (IDW) $14.99

Greetings From Cartoonia The Essential Guide to The Land of Comics (Stripburger) $20.00

Y the Last Man book 3, Deluxe Edition by Brian K. Vaughan and var. (Vertigo) $29.99

Freewheel vol 1 by Liz Baillie $12.00


Bear Fight $12.00


Curio Cabinet TPB by John Brodowski (Secret Acres) $15.00


The Third Rail by Michael Harvey (Knopf) $24.95 – As featured in The Chicago Reader.

Pygmy by Chuck Palahniuk (Anchor) $14.95 – Now in soft cover.


Surf Concrete Poster Con Tiki Blockheads 2010 by Joseph Olenik $20.00

Music Books & Mags

The Olivetti Chronicles: Three Decades of Life and Music by John Peel (Corgi) $16.95

Maximumrocknroll #324 May 10 $4.00

Sexy Stuff


Handbook vol 4 #2 2010 $6.00

Girls Like Us (GLU) vol 2 #1 $12.00

Filament vol 1 #4 $12.50

Outer Limits Mags

Interzone #227 $7.50

Conspiracy Journal #30 $3.00

True Crime Detective Monthly Apr 10 $8.99

True Crime Spring Special 20 All True Murder Stories $10.99

Eye Spy #66 $6.50

Cemetery Dance #63 $5.00

Nexus vol 17 #2 Mar Apr 10 $5.95

Things That Can’t Be Classified By Your So-called “System,” Man.

On Farting Language and Laughter in the Middle Ages by Valerie Allen (Palgrave) $26.00

Obamistan: Land Without Racism by Damali Ayo (Lawrence Hill) $14.95

Ask Ninja, The Ninja Wisdom Deck: 50 Deadly Meditations for the Non Ninja (Random) $14.99

Kate Zambreno Reads From O Fallen Angel, With Friends

May ’10
7:00 pm


Kate Zambreno will read from her debut novella O Fallen Angel, published in April by Chiasmus Press, winner of their “Undoing the Novel” contest. The work is a triptych of modern America set in a banal Midwestern landscape, inspired by Francis Bacon’s Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion, also a grotesque homage to Mrs. Dalloway. O Fallen Angel commits an act of anarchic literary sacrilege that calls to mind the rant and rage of an American Elfriede Jelinek, an exorcism of the culture wars and pop-cultural debris, a sneering indictment of deaf ears, blind eyes, and mute mouths. An editor at Nightboat Books, Zambreno keeps the literary blog Frances Farmer Is My Sister ( An essay collection inspired by the blog will be published by Semiotext(e)’s Active Agents series in Fall 2011.

Like Angela Carter’s fairy tales, Kate Zambreno’s O Fallen Angel deftly exposes the psychic brutality that lies underneath the smooth glassy surface of parable. Set in Midwestern America in approximately 2006, Zambreno’s character/archetypes—a Mommy who names her golden retriever after Scott Peterson’s murdered wife Laci, a daughter who signs her suicide note with a smiley face and a doomed psychotic prophet—are all agents and victims of disinformation, but this doesn’t make their pain any less real. In Zambreno’s SUV-era America, unhappiness doesn’t exist because it can be broken down into treatable diagnostic codes. As she writes, “Maggie wants to be FREE but she also wants to be LOVED and these are polar instincts, which is why she is bipolar, which is a malady of mood.

” A brilliant, hilarious debut.”    -Chris Kraus, author of  I Love Dick and Aliens & Anorexia

Also joining the bill is John Beer, Jeremy Davies, Daniel Borzutsky, Megan Milks, AD Jameson and James Pate.

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Zine Collection Heads Up


Damali Ayo Reads From Obamistan! Land without Racism: Your Guide to the New America

May ’10
7:00 pm


Funny, unique and fresh, Obamistan! Land without Racism helps the American public take responsibility for its development, rather than sit at home and hurl disappointment at their televisions, newspapers, and web sites, claiming that President Obama hasn’t lived up to his promises. As the first black president becomes the easy and favorite target for many conservatives and liberals alike. This book uses humor to create a shift in the reader’s perspective. It holds firm the idea that we have work to do as the citizens of our country- amongst ourselves. It shows us that we can make a real difference in support of change by embodying the change ourselves. “Change” is a call to action that does not sit only on the shoulders of our president- but on our capable shoulders too. This book holds the voting public to their word and asks them to put up or shut up.

“Funny, poignant and consistently absorbing.” Davy Rothbart, Founder of FOUND Magazine and contributor to This American Life.
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