Damali Ayo Reads From Obamistan! Land without Racism: Your Guide to the New America

May ’10
7:00 pm


Funny, unique and fresh, Obamistan! Land without Racism helps the American public take responsibility for its development, rather than sit at home and hurl disappointment at their televisions, newspapers, and web sites, claiming that President Obama hasn’t lived up to his promises. As the first black president becomes the easy and favorite target for many conservatives and liberals alike. This book uses humor to create a shift in the reader’s perspective. It holds firm the idea that we have work to do as the citizens of our country- amongst ourselves. It shows us that we can make a real difference in support of change by embodying the change ourselves. “Change” is a call to action that does not sit only on the shoulders of our president- but on our capable shoulders too. This book holds the voting public to their word and asks them to put up or shut up.

“Funny, poignant and consistently absorbing.” Davy Rothbart, Founder of FOUND Magazine and contributor to This American Life.
For more info: http://welcometoobamistan.com