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New Stuff This Week


The Denim Delinquent Complete Collection (HoZac) $34.95 – All 8 issues of the ground-breaking 1970s Pre-Punk Fanzine!


My Mothers Healthy Daughter is Dead by Kristen Leckie $3.00

Sinew that Shrinks #3 by Jenna Brager $3.00

zines from Nia King:
Bollywood Bromance #1 $6.00
Art Life #2 Dont Quit Yr Day Job $5.00
Hari Kondabolu, interviewed by Nia King $3.00

Pitted Peach issues #1 & #2 by Kristen & Maira $3.00/$5.00

Raw Fury #3 & #3.5 by Peter Bergman $15.00/$5.00

Hoax #11 Feminisms and Strategy $3.50

No More Words #1 by Rachel $1.50

Postmodern Anthropology Club by Joseph Wilcox $2.00

No Better Than Apples #11 by Kate Larson $3.00

Cuspian #1 by Jami Sailor $1.00

Vegenaise With a Vengeance by Rudy Ramos $7.00

You’ve Got a Friend In Pennsylvania #10 On Waiting by Sari $2.00

Proof I Exist #24 Short Stories Apr 16 by Billy $3.00

Mechanical Yammering #3 Customer Service by Nick Martin $2.00

We’ve Made A Huge Mistake: A Zine About Driving Across the Country with Everything You Own $2.00

My Complicated Relationship With Food vol 3 Reviews of Some of the Things We Put in Our Mouths $1.00

Field Notes on the American Sasquatch: A Guide by David Norman $2.00

Mend My Dress #14 by Neely Bat Chestnut $2.00

Grime by Jon Keown $10.00

How to Not Give a Fuck About a Thing That Is Not Worth Your Precious Time $2.00

Pissing in a River a Patti Smith Fanzine (S/W Press) $4.00

Going Places: A Native American Education $3.25

Hatching Self-Care Tips for Spring and Summer by Katie Johnson $6.00

Class of Odds by Maxwell Singletary $3.00

Los Angeles 2016 by Adam Jason Cohen $10.00

People Make Plans #3 $2.00

Faint Shaky Stains by Monica Gunderson $3.00

Pretty Much Everything I Eat by Eryca Sender $3.00

Workers Write: Tales From the Construction Site by David LaBounty $10.00

Brooklyn To Mars #10 $7.99

Damaged Mentality #7 $2.25

Terror Squad by Jon Keown $10.00

Airport Travelogue by Norma Krautmeyer $2.00

Mad Libs from CHIPRC (Chicago Publishing Resource Center) $1.00 each:
2 Phones


You Will Not Be Missed by Kevin Budnik (Tinto Press) $4.00

String of Pearls by Jenna Brager $10.00

Unproductive Now #1 by Helena Danghin $3.00

Futile #4 by Mike Centero $5.00

Eating Shit by Patty Bowman $1.00

Catullus the Poet by R. Sikoryak $3.00

Threats on My Life by Rachael Gressley $10.00

Babby Doll by Chloe Perkis $5.00

Powerman by Box Brown (Kilgore Books0 $7.00

Buy Fuckin Pickles by Michael Ridge $5.00

Earwigs by Emily Dennison $4.00

Wound Care by Subtle Ceiling $3.00

Fractal #1 by Daejuan Jacobs and Buci $3.99

Experts by Sophie Franz $5.00

Copies by Adrienne Bazir $3.00

Various issues of Rotland Dreadfuls! $4.00 each, featuring artists like Sara Drake, R. Sioryak & more!

Comics by Sage Coffey:
If It Were Socially Acceptable $4.00
Punky Doodle Dandy 2013 A Riot On Paper an Anthology of All Things Punk $10.00

Scab County by Carlos Gonzales $5.00

Well by Martin Kravolec $1.00

The World of Occult Wrestling #1 by Robert Young $5.00

Peehole #14 Please Laugh by Jim Donaldson $3.00

Book Thief by Mary Shyne $5.00

Brunch Fight #1 $6.00

Needs More Fire anthology by Carl Bisenius $20.00

Legends of Baseball #4 Oscar Charleston $1.00

Mineshaft #33 Win 16 $9.00

Some Random Guy Falls into An Abstract Nihilistic Misery Hole $3.00

Three Magical Recipes from the Book of Secrets of Albertus Magnus, illustrated by Daria Tessler (Perfectly Acceptable Press) $15.00


Something New: Tales from A Makeshift Bride by Lucy Knisley (First Second) $19.99

Turning Japanese a Graphic Memoir by Marinaomi (2D Cloud) $24.95

Bartkira Nuclear Edition (Floating World) $19.99

Ultimate Laugh by Sara Lautman (Tinto) $8.95

Outer Limits: The Steve Ditko Archives vol 6 (Fantagraphics) $39.99

Panther by Brecht Evens (D&Q) $26.95

Blackbird by Pierre Maurel (Conundrum) $17.00

Secretimes by Keith Jones (D&Q) $19.95

Adventure Time vol 7 Four Castles by various $14.99

Munch: Art Masters Series vol 3 by Steffen Kverneland (SelfMadeHero) $24.95

Late Bloomer by Mare Odomo (Retrofit) $10.00

We Stand on Guard by Brian. K. Vaughan $24.99

Wet Moon vol 1 Feeble Wanderings by Sophie Campbell $19.99

Octopus TPB by Leda Zawacki $10.00

Lou by Melissa Mendes $14.95

Wartellas Strip Show: 25 Years of Comix, Controversy and Copyright Infringement by Michael Wartella (Burger Books) $30.00

MINIMUM WAGE TPB vol 2 So Many Bad Decisions by Bob Fingerman $14.99

Shit Out Of Luck by Nicole Rodrigues $4.00

Pioneering Cartoonists of Color by Tim Jackson (U of Miss) $35.00

Boke Expressway by Jacob Halton $15.00


Beyond Duality: The Esoteric Realism of Beny Tchaicovsky (Last Gasp) $39.95

La Catrina & Sugar Skulls vol 2 Gebundene Ausgabe (Kruhm Verlag) $45.00

Sticker Bomb 3 by Studio Rarekwai $24.95 – With over 240 Peelable Stickers!

Penetralia by Gea $25.00

Paul Up North by Michel Rabagliati (Conundrum) $20.00


Wind / Pinball: Two Early Novels by Haruki Murakami $16.00 – Now in soft cover.

Bricks That Built Houses by Kate Tempest $26.00 – British rapper poet does fiction.

Letters to Kevin by Stephen Dixon (Fantagraphics) $21.99

Albina and the Dog Men by Alejandro Jodorowsky (Restless Books) $15.99

Metaphysical Ukulele by Sean Carswell (Ig Publishing) $16.95

Making of Zombie Wars: A Novel by Aleksandar Hemon $16.00

Affinities by Robert Charles Wilson $15.99

Locust House by Adam Gnade (Pioneers Press) $15.00


American Conspiracy Files: The Stories We Were Never Told by Peter Kross (Adventures Unlimited) $19.95

Coloring Book for Goths: The Worlds Most Depressing Book by Tom Devonald $11.99

The Geography of Madness: Penis Thieves, Voodoo Death, and the Search for the Meaning of the World’s Strangest Syndromes by Frank Bures

Zero K by Don Delillo $27.00


Flesh and Excess: On Underground Film by Jack Sargeant (Amok Publishing) $19.95


Dreams to Remember: Otis Redding, Stax Records, and the Transformation of Southern Soul by Mark Ribowsky $17.95


From Marx to Gramsci by Paul Le Blanc (Haymarket Books) $22.00

Votes of Confidence A Young Persons Guide to American Elections by Jeff Fleischer $13.99

Cultural Revolution: A Peoples History 1962-1976 by Frank Dikotter $32.00


Elska #5 Taipei Taiwan $18.50

Spanking for Lovers, Illustrated by Barb by Janet W. Hardy (Greenery Press) $15.95

Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond by Lee Harrington $27.95


No Friends #3 Spr 16 $6.50

Juxtapoz #185 Jun 16 $6.99

Uppercase #29 A Magazine for the Creative and Curious $18.00

Record Culture Magazine $20.00

Ugly Things #41 $9.95

Monocle vol 10 #93 May 16 $12.00

True Crime Apr 16 Posting of a Murder Confession $9.99

Mojo 60s #5 Celebrating Rock’s Decade of Cool $15.99

Record Culture Magazine #1 $20.00

Hello Mr #7 About Men Who Date Men $20.00

Specimen Magazine #3 $6.00

Skeptical Inquirer vol 40 #3 Creators of the Paranormal $5.99

National Green Pages 2016 $9.95

Raw Vision #89 $14.00


Walking Dead Lyric Poems by Dawn Tefft $5.00

Lady Parts #3 by Amelia Hruby $3.00

Whosoever Has Let a Minotaur Enter Them Or A Sonnet by Emily Carr (McSweeneys) $20.00

N+1 Negation #25 Slow Burn $14.95

Quitter by Trace Ramsey #10 $6.00

Sugar Crash by Mike Tunno $7.00


Johnny Boos Big Boo Box by James Kochalka (Top Shelf) $39.99

Mike Edison Brings Music & Mayhem to Quimby’s for You Are a Complete Disappointment 6/3

Jun ’16
7:00 pm


Author, musician, and raconteur Mike Edison brings his unique blend of mayhem to Quimby’s to read and perform from his new book You Are a Complete Disappointment: A Triumphant Memoir of Failed Expectations. Joining him will be “World’s Greatest Piano Player” Mickey Finn, and his own Rocket Tone Theremin!

For anyone who has ever suffered from parental bullying, this often-hilarious yet intensely heartbreaking memoir from the former High Times publisher will provide both solace and laughter.

YOU ARE A COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT is a warped suburban odyssey that pulls no punches when it comes to the adversity and adventures of growing up in the 1970s. His story is a potent, positive lesson in growing up to be the person you want to be, not the person you were told to be.


An excerpt is available here:

“Smart, filthy, and funny, Mike Edison is no ordinary author… Edison brings the stories from his book to life with the performance chops of a seasoned rock’n’roller.” — Spin Magazine

The COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTING AFTER PARTY will be at Dimo’s Pizza. Edison and Finn will perform a very special set of dirty blues and stories featuring very special guests and lots of surprises. MIKE EDISON DIRTY PIZZA – named after Edison’s book Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! — will be on the menu.

MIKE EDISON is the former editor and publisher of High Times magazine. His books include the celebrated memoir I Have Fun Everywhere I Go, the sprawling social history of sex on the newsstand, Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! and the deliciously filthy political satire Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie. More recently he collaborated with Joe Bastianich on his New York Times bestselling memoir, Restaurant Man, of which writer Bret Easton Ellis has said, “The directness and energy have a cinematic rush . . . not a single boring sentence.”

Edison has worked as a foreign correspondent for Hustler and was a high-paid gun-for-hire of the legendary Penthouse letters. He has contributed to numerous magazines and websites, including Huffington Post, the Daily Beast, the New York Observer, Spin, Interview, and New York Press, for which he covered classical music and professional wrestling. In addition, he is an internationally known musician and ferociously dedicated storyteller, and can be heard every Sunday on his show Arts & Seizures on the Heritage Radio Network. Edison lives and works in Brooklyn.

Invite your friends! Here’s the Facebook invite: FB