Weekly Top 10


1. Please Dont Bomb the Suburbs: A Midterm Report on my Generation by William Upski Wimsatt (Akashic) $14.95 – Whoa whoa whoa- what was that title again? Well, hear him out on this. It’s about growing up, getting organized and a critical approach to choosing your battles. The writing’s still fiesty, hyper and determined and this time round W.U.W. is laying out why you don’t have to bomb the suburbs to get shit done, and where direct action can work. This is far more of a well-considered re-examination than some saucy 180-degree betrayal of his previous books. Just as long as the next one isn’t called “Please, More Prisons” -EF
2. Lose #2 by Michael Deforge $5.00 – Bacterial throwdown-throwup in this new beautifully drawn book mostly about -what else- deadly festering horse parasites. Love it. -EF
3. V Magazine #66 Fall Preview 10 $6.50
4. Boys Club #3 by Matt Furie $4.95
5. Bizarre #166 Sep 10 $10.50
6. Make Your Place:Affordable Sustainable Nesting Skills by var. (Microcosm) $7.00
7. Brilliant Mistake #1 $1.00 – What a gem of a debut zine! Beautifully quilted together from bits of a questioning heart, Brilliant Mistake #1 pares down the aches of the social games we play. -EF
8. Tip of the Iceberg by Laura Szumowski $8.00 – A very complete and fun illustrated guide to the clitoris.
9. Jin & Jam #1 by Hellen Jo (Sparkplug) $5.00Jin and Jam is a head-on collision of California 2 Cool 4 School and Tekkon Kinkreet. -Yeah, it really is that good. Hellen Jo’s drawings are perfect and her action-packed San Jose misfit tween girl rampage fights dirty the whole way through. It’s an impeccable tornado of an issue and if you come out with a black eye and gum in your hair, you’ll consider yourself lucky. -EF
10. Bomb The Suburbs by William Upski Wimsatt (Soft Skull Press) $13.95