New Stuff 12/22/08

Well this is the last new stuff update before the Holidays. Remember we close at 5PM on the 24th so don’t put off your last minute shopping to long! We still have some gift wrap and tote bags so make sure to get the specials when you come in the store! Happy Holidays!

New Stuff Dec 22nd 2008

Todds Favorite Adult Actors and Their Favorite Flowers $10 Sweet Sweet Zine!
Giant Robot #57 $4.99
Tiki Magazine Win 08-09 vol 4 #3 $4.99
East Village Inky #39 $3.00
Kilter #2 Win 08 09 $5.00 New Goth zine from Chicago
Scale Drawings $1.50 new work from Gary Kachadourian
Harpers Magazine Jan 09 $6.95
Juxtapoz #96 Jan 08 $5.99
Sound Projector #17 $14.00
Wire #298 Dec 08 $10.99
Mystery & Adventure Review #42 $3.00 Lit mag from the creator of The Match!
Road Kill Vol 1 #4 $2.00
Too Much Light Makes the baby Go Blind Selected Plays 2008 $8.00
Bejeezus #12 $7.95
Genetic Disorder #19 $3.00 with CD
Black Carrot #13 $2.00
Comedians Nov Dec 08 $4.50

Comics & Graphic Novels
Quietly Sure Like the Keeper of a Great Society by Jo Dery $10.95
High Maintenance Machine #25 Win 2008 $3.00
Welcome to Dingburg $18.99 New Zippy book

New Books
No Sin No Future $59.95 New monograph of Ryan McGinness
Make Your Place $7.00 Affordable Sustainable Nesting Skills
Caleb Neelons Book of Awesome $24.95
Awful Homesick $19.95 Art of Alex Pardee
Correspondence by Guy Debord $19.95 Letters from Situationists
Venn That Tune $16.95 Strange book where songs are turned into venn diagrams
Part of Rebellion #1 Flying Fortress $19.95
$45.00 Hot Rod Coffee Table Book
9 Inch Diet $19.95 Exposing the Big Conspiracy in America
How To Cure A Hangover $12.95
Viral Spiral $26.95 How Commoners have Built a Digital Republic of Their Own
Pass Thru Fire $19.95 the collected lyrics of Lou Reed
Secrets of Masonic Washington $16.95
Urban Iran $27.95 Graff in Iran!
Art Now Vol 3 $39.99
Ticklish Subject by Zizek $26.95 New Edition

Porn and Erotica

Todds Favorite Adult Actors and Their Favorite Flowers $10 Sweet Sweet Zine!
Suicidegirls Beauty Redefined HC $49.95 Beauty or Smut? You decide!

Gifts and Stuff

I’m Not Jim CD You Are All My People $14.95 New project from Jonathan Lethem