New Stuff 5/030/08

Its derby day so drink some bourbon and come pick up hot new stuff.

New Stuff May 3rd 2008

Cabinet #29 Sloth $12.00
Asian Cult Cinema #58 $6.00
Tattoo Savage #90 Jun 08 $5.99
Wax Poetics #28 $9.99
XLR8R #117 $4.99
Oyez Review #35 $5.00
Black Velvet #56 $6.00
Hear Us Large Corporations $3.00
La Colle #5 $2.00
Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance $2.00

Comics & Graphic Novels
Klassic Komix Klub by Johnny Ryan $14.95
Dororo Vol 1 by Osamu Tezuka $13.95
Delayed Replays by Liz Prince $7.00
Ted Mays Injury #2 by Ted May $4.95
How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less #2 by Sarah Glidden $3.00
Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch by Neil Gaiman $13.95
Glamourpuss #1 by David Sims $3.00
Great Wave Of Falling Rock by Josh Shalek $4.00
Owl And Other Comics #1 by Josh Shalek $2.00
Potential by Ariel Schrag $15.00 The High School Chronicles

New Books
No One Belongs Here More Than You SC by Miranda July $14.00
Miracle Letters of T Rimberg by Geoff Herbach $14.00
After Dark SC by Haruki Murakami $13.95
Dwelling Portably $8.00
Tales From the Clinic $8.00 new from Workers Write
Master of Reality by John Darnielle $10.95 33 1/3 on Black Sabbath
We Love Cosplay Girls
$15.00 Family friendly but to some this is total porn!
Prodigal Genius $18.95 Life of Nikola Tesla
Have You No Shame by Rachel Shukert $14.00 and Other Regrettable Stories
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by Tao Lin $14.95
Fine Ending by Louis Rastelli $15.95
Writings For A Democratic Society $21.95 The Tom Hayden Reader
North Korean Posters $25.00 from the David Heather Collection
Live Through This by Sabrina Chapadjiev $17.95 On Creativity And Self-Destruction
Pure War by Paul Virilio and Sylvere Lotringer $14.95
Play the Nylon Book of Music $27.50
Cut It Out
$12.95 Easy Designs for Applique with Attitude
Otto Rahn & the Quest for the Holy Grail $18.95
Brooklyn Street Art $14.95
Why You Shouldnt Eat Your Boogers $12.95
Tekno Logical with CD Rom $24.99
Illustrations from the Inside $19.95
Fabric Textures & Patterns with CD ROM $39.95
World Musical Instruments with CD ROM $24.99

Porn and Erotica
RFD #133 $7.75

2008 18 Month Planner and Notebook Moleskine Hardcover $14.95