New Stuff This Week

Sneeze #6

Sneeze #6

Sneeze #6: Wheres Waldo Nag Champa Agarbatti Satya Sai Baba Srinivas Sugandhalaya $4.00
Lower East Side Librarian Shout Out 2009 by Jenna Freedman $2.00 – Radical Librarians: Gotta Love ‘Em!
Bourbondandy #1 win 09: Reading Is Associated With Severe Forms of Cancer $5.00
Untitled SCP005 Photo Zine by Martin Samson Ellery Widener $5.00
Never Not Knowing: Feeling of 2008 by Jesse Hlebo $5.00
Underscore Quarterly Isues #1-#4 $5.00 each
New Rites: Drawings by Terence Hannum $5.00
It Is Fun to Be Naked by Rachel Gontijo de Araujo $3.00
BTFA #1 Cruising Notes 2008 $5.00 – BTFA is designation for Butch Top Fuck Anywhere, and so starts this Straight-To-Hell style anonymous homo sex rag.
Maximumrocknroll #321 Feb 10 $4.00

RASL #6 by Jeff Smith (Cartoon) $3.50
Smoo Comics #2 by M. Simon $3.00
Wonder Wear #4 by Douglas Nelson
How to Survive Working in Retail by Ronnie Gorham, Lissandro Di Psquale, and Markell Wilson (Three Guys Making Comics) $2.00

Graphic Novels
Hotwire Comics #3 (Fantagraphics) $22.99
Rose TPB by Jeff Smith (Cartoon) $19.95 – The prequel to the Bone series.
Wonderful Wizard of Oz comic HC by Baum, Shanower and Young (Marvel) $29.99
Pride and Prejudice Comic HC by Jane Austen, Nancy Butler and Hugo Petrus (Marvel) $19.99
Dresden Files HC Welcome to the Jungle by Jim Butcher and Ardian Syaf (Del Ray) $19.95

Essays, Muckraking and Revolution
500 Years of Indigenous Resistance by Gord Hill (PM Press) $10.00
Remnants: 21 Undeniable Accounts of Life as we Know It, A Collection, by Christopher Guiterrez etc. $15.00
Bakunin, The Creative Passion: A Biography by Mark Leier (Seven Stories Press) $17.95
SNCC The New Abolitionists by Howard Zinn (South End Press) $17.00
War Before the True Life: The Story of Becomning a Black Panther, Keeping the Faith In Prison, and Fighting For Those Left Behind by Safiya Bukhari and Laura Whitehorn (Feminist Press) $15.95

Mags’n’Lit Journals
Giant Robot #63 $4.99
Wallpaper Feb 10 $9.50
Creative Review Jan 10 $14.99
Baby Baby Baby #11 Fall Win 09 $15.00
Mojo Feb 10 #195 $9.99
Make vol 21 $14.99
Sovereign #8 Feb 10 $3.95
Bust Feb Mar 10 $4.99
Ready Made #45 Feb Mar 10 $4.99
Black Velvet #63 $6.25
UFO Magazine #152 vol 23 #11 $5.99
Harpers Magazine Feb 10 $6.95
Radical History Review Win 10 $14.00
Dissent Win 10 $10.00
Tattoo Scout #15 $8.00
Monkey Puzzle #8 Win 10 $12.95
Internationalist #30 Nov Dec 09 $2.00
One Night Only #1 Audio: Arts and Literature Magazine $10.00

Alchemy Arts: Recycling Is Chic by Kate MacKay and Di Jennings (Marion Boyers) $22.00
Sew Liberated 20 Stylish Projects For the Modern Sewist by Meg McElwee (Interweave) $24.95

Life Under the Jolly Roger Reflections of Golden Age of Piracy by G. Kuhn (PM Press) $20.00

Apocalypse Cakes 10-Card Recipe Card Set

Apocalypse Cakes 10-Card Recipe Card Set

Apocalypse Cakes Recipe Cards by Shannon OMalley $18.00 – Who has time to bake when the shit hits the fan? You do, with this handy desert card file! The attractive set features 10 mouthwatering recipes for disaster. Consider it the icing on your world’s-been-turned-upside-down cake. Set of 10, 4″x5.5″ cards, color. Sepia-toned!

Lives Less Valuable by Derrick Jensen (PM Press) $18.00
Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg (Alyson) $14.95
Persistent Voices Poetry by Writers Lost to AIDS by Philip Clark and David Groff (Alyson) $15.95
Searching for Suzi A Flash Novel by Nancy Stohlman (Monkey Puzzle Press) $11.95

Arty Farty
Spectrum 5 the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art by Cathy Fenner etc. (Underwood) $27.95
Generation 1.5 by Tom Finkelpearl etc. (Queens Museum of Art New York) $24.95
Totalities Sept 4 to Oct 18 2008 Can You See My Totality by Chris Johnson (Deitch) $45.00