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What a hilarious place on the #Quimbys new table for someone to leave their gas pills.

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Last Night at the Casino #10 Dec 15 $3.00

Communicating Vessels #26 Fall Win 14 15 by Anthony Walent $3.50


Deathcat Comics Skullguts issues #2 + #3 $6.00 each

All Ages: Colouring Book of Worries and Reassurances by Sarah Mangle $18.00


Gahan Wilson’s Out There: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Cartoons of Writing of Gahan Wilson (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Ronald Searle’s America by Matt Jones (Fantagraphics) $85.00

Locke and Key: Shades of Terror Adult Coloring Book (IDW) by s: Gabriel Rodriguez & Joe Hill $9.99

Making Jamie by Kyle Bravo $12.00


Sharon Tate: A Life by Ed Sanders (DaCapo) $25.99 – Ed Sanders gave readers their clearest insight yet into the disturbing world of Charles Manson and his followers when he published The Family in 1971. Continuing that journalistic tradition, Sanders presents the most thorough look ever into the heartbreaking story of Sharon Tate, the iconic actress who found love, fame, and ultimately tragedy during her all-too-brief life.

Ancient Egyptian Magic by Eleanor Harris (Weiser) $18.95


Not To Be Missed: Fifty-Four Favorites From a Lifetime of Film by Kenneth Turn (PublicAffairs) $16.99 – Cultural criticism, historical anecdote, and inside-Hollywood controversy from someone who grew up watching the Million Dollar Movie on WOR-TV Channel 9 in New York, a daily showcase for older Hollywood features.


100 Essential Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know About Math and the Arts by John D. Barrow $16.95


The Pitchfork Review #8 Fall 15 $19.95

At Large #3 Fall Win 15 $20.00

Backwoodsman vol 37 #1 Jan Feb 16 $5.50


Remains by Jesús Castillo (McSweeneys) $20.00

Kids by JM Francheteau $1.00

The First Line vol 17 #4 Win 15 $4.00

The Last Line #2 Win 15 $3.00


Elska #2 Berlin Germany $18.50