New Stuff This Week

Pictured here, the wonderful Alex Wrekk of Brainscan zine and Stolen Sharpie Revolution, posing with her zines in the store.



Those Who Camp at the End $10.00
Brainscan #25.5 by Alex Wrekk $1.00
Three Days of My Life I Will Never Get Back – Rum Lad by Steve Larder $1.00
You Can Finish This Later by Parish, Tarnowski and Filbert Conroy $5.99
New England Holding Patterns Ospreys #15 From Mars June 010 by Tom Bubul $5.00
Babylon Be Still I’m Trying To Read by Lung $8.00
Arbothnaut J. Brown by Benjamin Carr $4.00
Mostly Drawings 2009-2010 – Made in Chicago by Eric Ellis $3.00
Proof I Exist #12 Sep 10 Week One by Billy $2.00
Overtime Hour 15 Capitalists by Vince Tweddell $2.00
Turbochainsaw #5 Parental Advisory $7.50

Wall #1 by Edd Baldry $5.00
Death of a Salesman: Ian Thomlinson The G20 and Bad Apples by Edd Baldry $5.00
Alphabet of London by Edd Baldry $5.00
Diary of a Miscreant: A Morgenmuffel Zine Anthology by Isy Morgenmuffel $12.00
Cheetahs Never Win #4 by Steve Reeder $5.00
Fifty Flip Experiment #14 by Dan Hill $1.00
Bringing It All Back Home by Box Brown $4.00
Everything Dies #4 by Box Brown $5.00
Bad High School Poetry #2 by Box Brown $5.00
Slurricane #2 by Will Laren $6.00
Peters Muscle by Michael Deforge $1.00
Aloha by Desmond Reed $1.25

Life Sucks TPB by Jessica Abel, Gabe Soria and Warren Pleece (First Second) $8.99
John Stanley Library Tubby HC by John Stanley (D+Q) $29.95
Love Is A Peculiar Type of Thing by Box Brown $10.00
Cages by Dave McKean (Dark Horse) $29.99
AX Alternative Manga vol 1 by Sean Michael Wilson (Top Shelf) $29.95
Fingerprints by Will Dinski (Top Shelf) $14.95
Ding Dong Daddy From Dingburg, Zippy the Pinhead (Fantagraphics) $19.99

Assume Vivid Astro Focus HC (Rizzoli) $60.00
– The first book on the artist collective known for their raucous multimedia installations. Founded by artist Eli Sudbrack, assume vivid astro focus has been dazzling the art world since 1994 with its exuberant, visually spectacular room-size installations. Created out of recycled and appropriated imagery from a wide range of sources—such as unicorn tapestries, children’s stickers, pages from gay porn magazines, album covers, Buddhist thangka paintings, and street graffiti, to name a few—the finished works can feel like a cross between a ’70s disco, Brazilian Carnival, and a psychedelic version of Andy Warhol’s Factory.
Where Children Sleep by James Mollison (Boot) $30.00 – Photographs of children’s bedrooms around the world with portraits of the children themselves. Each pair of photographs is accompanied by an extended caption that tells the story of each child: Kaya in Tokyo, whose proud mother spends $1,000 a month on her dresses; Bilal the Bedouin shepherd boy, who sleeps outdoors with his father’s herd of goats. just to name a few. The cover features a child’s mobile printed in glow-in-the-dark ink!
Drawings On Hands by Serge Onnen (J and L Books) $15.00 – 132 images of hands collected across the annals of art history–from meticulous sixteenth-century renderings (Hendrick Goltzius) to contemporary punk-influenced depictions (Raymond Pettibon), from instructional handshake diagrams to political cartoons.
Hans-Peter Feldmann: Voyeur (Walther Konig) $19.95 – A reprint of this classic book, which documents the image wreckage of our consumer-driven culture, making eccentric or sinister juxtapositions (shots of nude women next to aircraft crashes) and cataloging the blandness of media bombardment to render its toxic assault visible to us, its near-helpless voyeurs.
Wim Wenders: Once (DAP/Schirmer) $29.95 –  This travel diary, photo album, and a series of stories consists of short, autobiographical sketches relating filmmaker Wim Wenders’ experiences on his trips across the world scouting locations for his films, as well as photographs taken during these excursions.
Spectrum 6 the Best In Contemporary Fantastic Art, ed. by Cathy Fenner (Underwood) $27.95 – Sixth volume of this modern fantasy illustration series. Ranging in subject matter from classic science fiction imagery to futuristic erotica, culled from work created for book covers, comic books, magazines, television shows, and art galleries. This issue features many artists including Dave McKean, Charles Vess, Alex Ross and more.
Born Modern: The Life and Design of Alvin Lusting, ed. by Heller and Cohen (Chronicle) $50.00 – Best known for his book covers and interior design, Lustig’s theories on design education were precursors to the curricula of some of the most renowned design schools today. Modern before it was cool. If you like Shag, you will like this.
Street Sketchbook: Journeys ed. by Tristan Manco (Chronicle) $35.00 – Fans of the hit graffiti title Street Sketchbook will delight in this new volume. Twenty-six of the hottest new artists have opened up their sketchbooks to share their impressions as they travel on road trips, trek halfway across the globe, and explore internal landscapes.

The Instructions by Adam Levin (McSweeney’s) $29.00
– This is a huge book, as in a lot of pages. And yet somehow, it feels light as a feather. That’s some crazy McSweeney’s technology. Anyway, I look forward to reading it, especially because Adam Levin will be here at Quimby’s to read from it in October (stay tuned for details)! Also I look forward to reading it because the first time I picked it up I turned to a page talking about “The Matrix.” Also! There are ones with blue covers and ones with grey covers! -LM
Hell by Robert Olen Butler (Grove) $14.00
Girl Must Die: A Monster Girl Memoir by Erika Lopez (Monster) $25.95

DIY & CONSUMPTION (Um, Consumption As In Food and Drugs)
Taste for Absinthe: 65 Recipes for Classic and Contemporary Cocktails by var. (Clarkson) $24.99

Bizarre #167 Oct 10 $10.50
Purple Fashion vol 3 #14 $35.00
Bust Oct Nov 10 $4.99
Tape Op #79 Sep Oct 10 $.95
Razorcake #58 $4.00
Giant Robot #67 $4.99
Adbusters #92 vol 18 #6 Nov 10 $8.95
Harpers Magazine Oct 10 $6.99

The Believer #74 Sep 10 $8.00
First Line vol 12 #3 $3.00
Het Einde How This Reality Came To Be ARP #11 and #12 The End $12.00
God Noise by Jeffrey Daniels $9.00
Warranty In Zulu by Matthew Gavin Frank $16.95
Literary Review vol 53 #4 Sum 10 $8.00
Pocket Myths #4 Odyssey – 24 Films 42 Characters by Megan Milks $12.00
Minor Canyons by Bennet Bergman $10.00
Inviting the Expanse by Sandra Morin $5.00
Bunk Rhymes Over Patterned Happenstance by Macallister Armstrong $2.00

Dandy in the Underworld: An Unauthorized Autobiography by Sebastian Horsley (Harper) $13.95 – British artist Horsley’s biggest claim to fame is the crucifixion ceremony he underwent in the Philippines in 2000, an attempt to break the limits of life and make an artistic statement. The feat is the apex of Horsley’s memoir, which chronicles his life as an artist, a junkie and a self-professed dandy.
Serial Killer Timelines: Illustrated Accounts of the World’s Most Gruesome Murders by Chris Dr McNab (Ulysses) $16.95

Half Empty by David Rakoff (Doubleday) $24.95
Lets Bring Back An Encyclopedia of Forgotten Yet Delightful Chic Useful Curious and Otherwise Commendable Things From Times Gone By by Leslie M.M. Blume (Chronicle) $19.95

Beautiful and The Damned: Punk Photographs By Ann Summa, curated by Kristine McKenna (Foggy Notion) $39.95
– This book is a collection of punk journalist Ann Summa’s portraits of the musicians, artists and fans of punk in the late 1970’s.  Includes photos of bands such as The Germs, The Screamers, The Gun Club and more.
The Boombox Project: The Machines The Machines The Music and the Urban Underground by Lyle Owerko (Abrams) $24.95
Don’t Rhyme For The Sake of Riddlin: The Authorized Story of Public Enemy by Russell Myrie (Grove) $15.00
Secret History of Rock N Roll: The Mysterious Roots of Modern Music by Christopher Knowles (Viva) $16.95

3 Dead Princes: An Anarchist Fairy Tale by Danbert Nobacon and Alex Cox (Exterminating Angel Press) $13.00 –
Renegade filmmaker Alex Cox and founding member of Chumbawamba Danbert Nobacon do a children’s book together. Sounds like the beginning of a joke right? But it’s not. In fact, Iggy Pop said about this book: “It definitely rocks! I ought to know.” This book tells the tale of Princess Stormy on a quest, meeting giant Cats, Mermangels, Giggle Monkeys, a Gricklegrack, and Flying Lizards on the way. Oh, and she kills three princes. – LM

Censored 2011: The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2009 & 2010 by var. (Seven Stories) $19.95
Carlo Tresca Portrait of a Rebel by Nunzio Pernicone (AK) $19.95
Black Bloc White Riot: Anti Globalization and the Genealogy of Dissent by AK Thompson (AK) $17.95

Ed Fox: Glamour from the Ground Up: DVD Edition (Taschen) $35.95
– Fox celebrates the female foot in his own way, creating a style that is unique, contemporary, and technically impeccable. Fox was one of the first to shoot strip diva Dita von Teese, as well as Valentina Vaughn, Tera Patrick, Brittany Andrews, and more, all of whom appear in this, his very first book. A bonus, hour-long DVD featuring many of the stars, with an original musical score, is included.
Dressing for Pleasure in Rubber, Vinyl and Leather: The Best of Atomage 1972-1980 by Jonny Trunk (Fuel) $32.95 – For early devotees of leather, rubber and vinyl fetish wear, Atomage magazine was the underground bible of the 1970s, documenting every conceivable variant on and use for fetish wear from motorbiking and mask-wearing, to mudlarking and wading worship.
Assume Nothing by Rebecca Swan (Soft Skull) $29.95 – Arresting images of twenty-five transsexuals, gender queers, eunuchs, sister girls, drag kings and queens from diverse backgrounds such as Haitian American, Samoan New Zealander, Maori, European Australian, Aboriginal, and African English. All of them comment about alternative gender roles in their traditional cultures.
The Burlesque Handbook by Headmistress Jo Weldon and Margaret Cho (Harper) $16.99

Mans Face Stuff Moustache Wax $9.00
– Comes in flavors to choose from, including Gin and Tonic, Red Hot, All Nighter or just unscented. They’re in little tins like Bert’s Bees cuticle cream. But it’s wax for those who enjoy facial hair. From comics artist BT Livermore.
Enlighten Me: Sound Art Mixing Buddhist Chant-In-a-Box Devices and Digital Tabla Drums CD by DJ PeasNCheese $4.00 – Music made by hacking those Buddha boxes, sampled with digital tablas. For transcendental circuit benders or sampling appreciatists. -LM

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