Patrick Wensink and Michael Allen Rose

Apr ’10
7:00 pm


Yes, there will be (a) Sex Dungeon for Sale! at Quimby’s. The book with that title, that is.

Combine an optimistic realtor selling a home with a sexual playground, a kindergartener convinced he’s actually French, and something called “Chicken Soup for the Kidnapper’s Soul,” and you get Patrick Wensink’s hilarious collection of short stories titled Sex Dungeon for Sale! (Eraserhead Press). Join Patrick Wensink as he reads from this new book.

Sex Dungeon for Sale! takes these bold characters and a few other outrageous situations to create an unforgettable and quick literary ride. While keeping an eye focused on the surreal, but both feet firmly planted in reality, these stories dissect a modern world so strange you have to laugh. Wensink’s punchy style is perfect for the brevity-obsessed Twitter generation, but saves room in his utility belt of brief tales for humor, humanity and an extra helping of WTF?.

“A deliciously dark and funny book” –Louisville Courier-Journal

“Unputdownable” –The Next Best Book

“Wensink’s evident writerly talents make this an auspicious debut.” –James Greer, author of Artificial Light and The Failure

“Sex Dungeon for Sale!  takes facets of everyday American life and twists them until they gag out comedic gold.” -Joey Goebel, author of Torture the Artist and The Anomalies

Also joining the bill is Chicago’s playwright Michael Allen Rose, who will read from his RoShamBo Theatre production Attack Ships on Fire.

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