Jul ’04
12:00 am

The 2ndHand celebrates the release of All Hands On
Live at Quimby?s
Thursday, July 1st, 7:00 PM
ALL HANDS ON: A THE2NDHAND Reading is a reading, indeed, a performance of works included in ALL HANDS ON: A THE2NDHAND Reader, the newly released anthology of the best work published in Chicago\’s broadsheet and online weekly for new writing, THE2NDHAND. Contributors to the book perform, along with the editors and various guest, whose simian hi-jinx can be anticipated, but not announced. We\’re keeping our ears up.
JOHN H. MATTHEWS has had fiction published in Inkburns, The Whirligig, and
Pindeldyboz and used to play drums for Six Slug Vacation. He lives in
BRIAN COSTELLO spent his unmemorable (to him) infancy in Creve Coeur, Missouri; his idyllic (to him) childhood in Peoria, Illinois; his dramatic (to him) adolescence in unincorporated Seminole County, Florida; a lost year (to all concerned) in Gainesville, Florida; AND his enchanted (to a few maybe, if not many, some though, definitely) adulthood in Chicago, Illinois. He was first published in THE2NDHAND, and has since been published in New City Chicago, Bridge, Sleepwalk, Hair Trigger, Horizontal Action, Maximumrocknroll, and others. He plays drums for the Functional Blackouts, and hosts a live talk show at the Empty Bottle. We had a chance to meet up with Brian at Spago Chicago, where he was flirting with Amanda Puck while wolfing down bruschetta and calamari appetizers. When asked \”Are you still working on your appetizers?\” he answered, \”Yes. Yes I am.\”
TODD DILLS lives in Chicago and is author of For Weeks Above the Umbrella, a collection published in 2002. His work has appeared in various publications, including Little Engines, Pindeldyboz, New City, the Chicago Reader, and others. He is the founding editor of THE2NDHAND.
JEB GLEASON-ALLURED dreams in heavy metal and describes his stories as postconscious. Yes. He lives in Chicago and is an editor at THE2NDHAND.