Jun ’05
12:00 am

Book Event forWOMEN AND SOCIALISMEssays on Women’s LiberationBy Sharon SmithSaturday June 25th 4PM
Join Sharon Smith as she discusses WOMEN AND SOCIALISM (Haymarket Books 2005). Three decades have passed since the heyday of the women’s liberation movement, yet women remain oppressed the world over. Mainstream feminism has shifted steadily rightward since the 1970s–embracing Bush’s war on Afghanistan in 2001, and even endorsing Democratic Party efforts to seek “common ground” with abortion opponents after John Kerry’s defeat in 2004. This approach has proven disastrous for women, from the US to Afghanistan.
This collection of essays examines these issues from a Marxist perspective–addressing the reasons why women are oppressed, the different nature of oppression between women of different social classes, and the basis for building a movement that can end women’s oppression, along with all other forms of inequality.
“Sharon Smith’s work, spanning three decades of events affecting women, provides a valuable and uncommon perspective on the oppression and liberation of women. Her understanding of the grounding of women’s oppression in class society, her vision of solidarity among women and men, and her critique of ideologies of seism and the rollback of the women’s movement are tremendously important contributions to women’s studies. More than that, the accessible writing and incisive assessment of the movement’s gains and losses are indispensible for activists for women’s liberation today.”–Dana Cloud, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, University of Texas, Austin
Sharon Smith is the author of numerous articles on women’s liberation and the US working class. Her writings appear regularly in Socialist Worker newspaper, Counterpunch website, and the International Socialist Review.
Haymarket Books is a non-profit, progressive book distributor and publisher based in Chicago; that has relationships with various social justice and activist campus-based groups in the city.