Tainted Reality presents J-Rock bands GPKISM and Seileen Signing

Feb ’10
2:00 pm

Put on your goth-loli duds, pop open your Vivienne Westwood parasol, and meet the Japanese rock (J-Rock) bands and Seileen, who will be signing their merch here at Quimby’s. No, they’re not playing any sets here. They’re just signing stuff. Only their stuff you buy here. Later that day, they’ll be J-rockin’ out at the Subterranean, down the street from Quimby’s.


GPKISM (see above) is the gothic/industrial group consisting of Gothique Prince Ken and Kiwamu (former guitarist of BLOOD). GPKISM is the manifestation of baroque essence fused with electro/industrial sound, creating a unique world both decadent and sublime. GPK’s (Gothique Prince Ken) operatic vocals, and Kiwamu’s gothic guitar come together to create a dramatic sound, which combines baroque and EBM styles. Their current music is themed around the “Bloody Lady of Cachtice”, Countess Elizabeth Báthory. Visit www.myspace.com/gpkism

Seileen (see below) is the goth/industrial dance group started by Selia and SiSeN in 2005. The group’s sound puts a mystic emphasis on Selia serene, mysterious vocals set to SiSeN’s dark electro DJ styling. Half of the band is DJ SiSeN, a professional model who showcases for Japanese clothing designer, Takuya Angel. His unique fashion sense and blazing DJ style have made him a world-renowned icon of the Japanese cyber goth and club scenes. Visit myspace.com/sisen and myspace.com/seliasisen


Bands play at 7pm down the street at Subterranean, 2011 West North Avenue. Opening band: Buranden, and DJ set before the show by DJ SiSeN.

Tainted Reality is the premiere source of entertainment in the U.S., which hosts an internet radio network dedicated to Japanese musical programming, organizes tours, and produces a variety of media. Visit www.taintedreality.net.