Joe Carducci at Quimby’s!

Aug ’08
7:00 pm

Join as he talks about his time in the west coast music underground, 1976-1986, and then about the three books he has written and published; Rock and the Pop Narcotic, Enter Naomi, and Wyoming Stories.  Joe will also do a short Q & A, and sign books.

Joe Carducci.  Was born in 1955 in Merced, California and grew up in Naperville, Illinois.  He moved to the west coast in 1976.  Achievements of note: Founded Systematic Record Distribution and its label Optional Music (featuring bands: Dead Kennedys, Voice Farm, Negativland); founded the Thermidor label (featuring bands: Ono, Oil Tasters, Toiling Midgets, Nig-Heist, Birthday Party, SPK), and came into Black Flag’s label, SST Records, in 1981 until 1986.  Then he moved back to Chicago to write Rock and the Pop Narcotic and started Redoubt Press in 1990.  He also started Provisional for videotape releases in 1992.  Moved to Wyoming in 1995 and still resides there today.