Mark Reed reads from Something Diffrent

Dec ’04
12:00 am

Mark Reed reads fromSomething Different!!!Wednesday, November 17th, 7:00 PMFREE
In SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!! by Mark Reed, a bizarre psychotic strangler brutally murders one of the Cormier family housemaids in Scotland. Then two of the Cormiers’ devious housemaids become international celebrities after granting sensational interviews to the press. But who is this strangler who decapitates young men and women in Scotland? And can Justin Cormier possibly replace his fraternity brother Jeff Cleghorn as the chief White House intern? GRAPHIC SEX AND VIOLENCE–ENORMOUS RICHES AND FAME!!! In this neo-Classical struggle between good and evil, depraved and sadistic murders conflict with the comparatively normal lives of seemingly innocent characters, such as the five-year-old Mary Cormier…
The American President as you’ve never seen him before; Domestic servants as you’ve never seen them before! These are just some of the shocking elements of this murder mystery
Our rather eccentric author Mark Reed is British to the backbone! Holding two Master’s Degrees from the University of Southern California, he has comprehensive real world experience in California municipal government executive management and administration.