Perpetual Motion Roadshow #35

Jul ’06
12:00 am

Perpetual Motion Roadshow #35Featuring Hadassah Hill, Cort Bulloch, Jesse Dangerously, and Brandon WetherbeeSaturday, July 15th, 7:00 PMFREE
…Perpetual Motion Roadshow #35…featuring: expat femme wordsmith HADASSAH HILL from New York City! sorry-ass folk singer CORT BULLOCH from Calgary! secret rap legend JESSE DANGEROUSLY from Halifax! and local opener foul-mouthed friend BRANDON WETHERBEE from Chicago!
Hadassah M. Hill (aka. Axon Panter) is a New York/Toronto-based performance artist and writer. Her work has appeared in Geeks, Misfits and Outlaws (2004) and Without A Net (2003). She toured Ontario and Quebec in 2004/05 with the performance troupe Trash and Ready and has performed at Ladyfest, Cheap Queers, Hysteria, and Mayworks. Her recordings include Bombshell Lexicon (2005) and Bad Girls Belief System (2005). In August, she’s heading to Femme 2006 in San Francisco. Hadassah’s also a textile artist who works in reconstructing/recycling vintage clothing and embroidery, and is Associate Art Director with $pread Magazine. She loves anything on two wheels, and rhinestones.
Cort Bulloch is a roots songwriter raised in southern Alberta. From being a jug hound in the oil patch to selling beads in Peru, Cort has roamed from Tuktoyuktuk to Buenos Aires in search of what he found to be his passion at the ripe age of 23: songwriting! The balance between melody, poetry and up-tempo pieces has him compared to such artists as Arlo Guthrie and Tracy Chapman. His nomadic, tossed salad past, along with his charming stage presence makes for a combination in which you will rarely find in folk songwriters.
Jesse Dangerously is both a fan and a star in Halifax?s hip-hop scene and keeps the city in raps Friday nights as host of CKDU?s The Pavement. He was voted Best MC in this year’s Best of Music poll in Coast magazine. A prolific performer/producer, he has four solo releases and many collaborative credits. He’s brainy and bratty. Fast-talking and sing-songing. Self-aggrandizing and self-deprecating. He has performed at Toronto?s Wavelength and Montreal’s Under Pressure Graffiti Festival. By the time you read this, he’ll have played the North By Northeast festival in Toronto. And probably have been smooched a lot.