Perpetual Motion Roadshow #36

Sep ’06
12:00 am

Saturday, September 16th, 7:00 PM FREE
Perpetual Motion Roadshow #36…featuring: troubled troubadour TROY CURTIS from San Jose, zinestress extraordinaire CHINA MARTENS from Baltimore, faithful urban scribe ERIC LAB RAT from Chicago, and local opener brainiac girl genius KATE SANDLER from Chicago!
Troy Curtis has settled in San Jose, California after years as a rambling poet and musician. Born in the small blue-collar town of Rockville, Connecticut, Troy’s desire to perform stems from his parents’ sacrifice of their artistic dreams. With a voice that perilously floats, Troy’s titanic lyrics sink into one’s heart like stolen treasure. Recorded in an abandoned church, Troy’s first album Songs for Girls Who Don’t Deserve Them is presented live and unedited. The album was created to replace mixed tapes and CDs as the preeminent way to express loss at the unfortunate endings to romantic relationships.
China Martens is the editor of The Future Generation: A Zine for Subculture Parents, Kids, Friends & Others, and is expecting her first book out this winter ? an anthology of the last 16 years of The Future Generation — with Atomic Book Company. She also writes a column for Slug and Lettuce and puts out numerous other one-shot zines and chapbooks like Dustbunny, SuperMarket SuperModel, and the Baltimore City Paper “Best Zine” award-winning I was… a Student Nurse!
Eric Lab Rat traverses his native Chicago on a blue Schwinn tricycle, meeting interesting people and collecting curios from dumpsters. He splits time between stints as a DJ, math tutor, and landscaper. On Tuesdays, he hosts a soul show on WLUW; on Fridays he throws down on the legendary freeform station WZRD. His set may include letters written to concepts, God, and government; poems about ghosts; and songs about celebrity vaginas. His work can be found under a variety of aliases in Gapers Block, the Banana King, and The 2nd Hand. A couple of times a month, he unloads on