Quimby’s Thirteenth Year Exhibition at the Old Town School of Folk Music

Oct ’04
12:00 am

Quimby’s Thirteenth Year Exhibition
At the Old Town School of Folk Music
Saturday, Sept 25th 5-7PM
Old Town School of Folk Music is letting us celebrate thirteen freakass years in the world of independent publishing, with an exhibit opening at their pad on September 25th that will stay up through the end of October. With refreshments, music and dancing. And if you\’re in the mood, stay for the show afterwards at the Old Town School. WLUW welcomes Over the Rhine with Special Guest Thea Gilmore. The Quimby\’s part of the evening is free, but the show is a separate event that you\’ll need to purchase tickets for, which you can do at the OTS at 773-728-6000. The address of the Old Town School of Folk Music is 4544 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625. This Quimby\’s and independent publishing exhibition will stay up until the end of October, so if you can\’t make it to the event, stop by and see it when you get the chance. For more info about the non-Quimby\’s portion of the evening, see http://www.oldtownschool.org