Rich Mackin live in da house

Mar ’04
12:00 am

Saturday April 10th 2PM at Quimbys
Rich Mackin of Book of letters, Dear Mr. Mackin, and Thank You For Your Continued Interest along with Blair Vail, a blues and jazz inspired singer, songwriter & poet. Will Perform.
Rich Mackin has been harassing corporate America for over a decade now with his ongoing letter writing campaigns that he reads from as “Consumer Defense Corporate Poetry”. He returns to Quimby’s with his latest collections of letters, including the Gorsky Press trade paperback, Thank You For Your Continued Interest and the 18th issue of his acclaimed zine, Book of Letters. See what happens when Rich tells McDonalds to die, hear Rich ask George W about beef jerky, and marvel at Starbucks haiku. Rich will also tell stories about cross-country travels and the drama of this past year.
Blair Vail is a blues and jazz inspired singer/songwriter/poet. Born and raised in Rochester, NY and now residing in Portland, OR, she has performed at a host of poetry and music venues, cafes and pizza parlors as a spoken word poet, solo performer and member of the experimental poetry band, Dream Engine. This tour coincides with the release of her new CD, Entanglements and Disconnections, which expands on ideas touched upon in her 2001 album, Voice. She joins Rich Mackin on a tour of zinedom with a new chapbook of her poetry.