Stefan Kiesbye The winner of Low Fidelity Press’s first novella contest reads

Feb ’05
12:00 am

Stefan Kiesbye reads & signs
Next Door Lived a Girl
Friday, January 28th, 8:00 PM
The winner of Low Fidelity Press’s first novella contest, Stefan Kiesbye was born on Northern Germany’s Baltic coast and grew up in West Berlin. He received an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan. Stefan Kiesbye’s stories and poems have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. He currently teaches writing at Eastern Michigan University and works as a freelance writer. Stefan Kiesbye will be reading and signing Next Door Lived a Girl at the event.
More info is at the Low Fidelity Press website:
“This is Stefan Kiesbye’s brilliant debut, a book so quiet and yet so maddeningly powerful, you just have to wonder about him a little bit. You will read from beginning to end and you will feel this world and its inhabitants neither responding nor reacting in ways you quite expect, but nevertheless, rising up beneath you in a most compelling and unsettling way, and when you are through you will scratch your head and tell someone they have to read it too.”
-Robert Olmstead, 2004 Novella Award judge
“Kiesbye’s dark, distinctive vision of humanity, is composed with such narrative skill and verve as to render the bleakness bracing, the grimness utterly gripping. A significant and powerful debut.”
-Peter Ho Davies
“Next Door Lived a Girl is both laconic and feverish, with German adolescent boys poking their sometimes violent way into the world. The violence here is somehow both surprising and inevitable. The novella has a fascinating combination of everyday domestic life and subsurface violence, and Stefan Kiesbye is to be praised for this quietly eloquent tale, this mixture of the horrifying and the everyday.” -Charles Baxter