Sweet and Crumbly a vegan dessert potluck

Feb ’06
12:00 am

Lickin? the Beaters presentsSweet and Crumbly a vegan dessert potluckSunday, February 5th, 3:00 PMFREE
Lickin\’ the Beaters presents Sweet and Crumbly – a vegan desert potluck focusing on cookies and candy. Siue Moffat is preparing for her 2nd vegan desserts cookbook, Lickin\’ the Beaters 2 – Candy and Chocolate, and is coming to Quimby\’s to share her new concoctions. Caramels, suckers, sour creem candy, fudge, centered chocolates etc. Everything a vegan dreams of eating in a cruelty free form. Participants are asked to bring their own homemade candy or cookies, sans eggs and dairy, to share. Siue will also be happy to answer questions on self-publishing and candy making. If you don\’t know the difference between saddle stitch and perfect bound or fudge and pralines now is your chance to find out!
Siue Moffat made vegan cooking zines before moving into full fledged publishing with Lickin\’ the Beaters: Low Fat Vegan Desserts. Illustarted by eight fantastic artists, Siue jumped in and produced Lickin? the Beaters entirely herself from layout and design, photos and index. She often finds herself spending hours over a pot of boiling syrup trying to replicate all the sweets she use to eat before turning vegan in 1997. Lickin\’ the Beaters 2, is currently in high gear recipe testing mode, and will feature chococolate confections, baked goods and candy. Currently Siue is a super 8 filmmaking, radical bookslinging, film archiving candy queen who spends her time between Portland Oregon and Toronto Canada.